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How To Pack Before Moving Into A New Condo Unit

Moving into a new condo unit sounds really fun and exciting! Nothing beats the thrill of having a new place to live in. This could mean letting go of the past and moving into a new chapter of life.

However,  it’s also accompanied by stress, inconvenience, and anxiety. It can be daunting and tiring, from having to let go of some items to the pressure of packing things and transporting them to your new place.

With that being said, you need to carefully plan your packing strategy and prepare the necessary things beforehand. Doing so will lessen the stress of thinking about where to begin from the mountain of things you need to pack. It will also give you a much faster move out and move in.

If you’re planning to move out from your current place or are already on your moving out and moving journey, check out the ten ways to pack before moving into a new condo unit.

  • Plan And Prepare

In everything you will do, planning and preparation are some of the key factors determining success. Therefore, you should always start with a good plan and intelligent preparation when moving into a new place.

It’d be best to give yourself an adequate amount of time to think of the things you need to do, prepare, or purchase before even diving into the action of packing.

You should also decide if you’ll hire moving-in services to help you with the process, including packing your stuff and loading and unloading them in your new place. If you’re interested in this option, keep reading.

On the contrary, if you decide to do these independently, make sure you’re all set and ready. Here are some things you can think ahead of as you pack up and move in.

Checklist Of Items

List everything you’ll need in your new place and prepare all the necessary paraphernalia as you pack, like carton boxes, markers, ropes, etc. Doing so will surely make things easier and smoother to process.

  • Budget And Financial Preparation

Make sure that your budget is ready as you move in. It’d be best to keep in mind that there will be unexpected expenses that might alter your budget. That’s why if you’re ready about it, things won’t get delayed and prolong the moving in process.

  • Compile All The Necessary Documents

It’d be best to compile all the necessary papers and documents before your moving-in day. Some condominium management requires you to present all these papers prior to entry. When you’re ready and prepared, things will go smoothly as planned.

  • Choose The Essentials

Starting fresh is one of the best features of living in a new home. Therefore, you might want to segregate your things and decide which ones should go and which should stay with you in your new home.

Some condominium units are ready for occupancy, which means there are already appliances and pieces of furniture installed in the unit. So, if this is the case, make sure that you only bring the things you’ll need which are not present in the unit.

What you can do to solve this dilemma is list down all the things you have as of the moment. Identify which ones are needed and are necessary for your new place. Those listed items should be packed and separated from all the remaining items.

Another thing, it’d also be best to let go of items that you won’t need, like a handful of wall frames, mirrors, and stuffed toys. As much as you want to bring them all, you surely don’t want to fill your condo with old items and not give space for new items.

  • Sort The Non-Essentials

As mentioned earlier, now that you’ve decided which ones you’ll bring with you to your new place, never forget to sort out the non-essentials.

You can either donate, sell, or throw them away. If you want to give them out, you can easily display them alongside the road and display a card that says ‘free.’ You can also donate them to charity or organizations that are willing to receive used items.

If you want to make some money from the items you have, you can also sell them through resell apps or in the marketplace. If this is just your option, make sure you sell them for a lower price than how much you bought them. Doing so will allow you to get rid of these items faster.

However, if you have broken or non-working items, make sure that you dispose of them properly. Always be responsible for your waste and ensure that you don’t harm the environment by disposing of these items properly.

  • Group Things Together

As you start packing the essential things you’ll be bringing, make sure to group items accordingly.

What does this mean?

For example, all kitchen items must go together in one box, ensuring that you don’t mix that container with alien things that don’t belong to the kitchen. And the same should happen to all packages.

Doing so will help you unpack faster and smoother. For instance, when you need a specific item to use, you’ll know exactly which box to open and get it. Apart from the benefit, arranging items in your new place will also be convenient and easier to do as you won’t have to jump from one room to another just to display and empty one box of items. Since all items that belong in one room or area in your home are grouped together, you can stay in one room as you display and set up everything in a specific box.

  • Label Every Box

After grouping things into one box, it’s time to make good use of your markers and make sure that you label each box after every sealing.

Carton boxes for moving out purposes are usually identical and plain. Failing to label them might confuse you about which box is for the kitchen and which one is for the bathroom. This is of utmost importance, especially when a couple of people are helping you. Having the boxes labeled means they won’t come asking you each time where a box should be placed, as you have done that through the labels on your boxes.

As you do this, it’s advisable that you write the label on the top part and on one side. This will help you be able to locate boxes amidst the stacking. You could also put an arrow up to mark that the box should stand this way. Doing so will help you preserve the items in that box as they won’t be mixed or juggled during the moving process.

  • Prepare An Overnight Bag

When you move into a new place, unpacking will usually take a few days to finish due to the sorting and displaying of items. To keep you out of the stress of dismantling everything just to get a shower at night, you must have an overnight bag with you.

It’s basically a bag with necessary items to help you pass through the unpacking days. This bag usually includes a few sets of clothes, undergarments, some toiletries, and other essentials.

  • Set A Schedule Of Moving In That Is Most Convenient For You

As you set your moving in schedule, it should be set on a convenient date for you.

What makes a time convenient?

You should know that packing your stuff, transporting it to your new place, and finishing the moving in process is time-consuming. Aside from that, it also requires you to have a good amount of preparation so you can ensure a smooth journey. Having said that, you don’t need to rush things that compromise the process of moving in. Instead, it should be set on a date where you’d have adequate time to prepare everything.

You might also need to take a leave from work since moving in usually eats up a couple of days before successfully settling in your new place.

Aside from that, if you’re hiring a help service in the transportation of your things, that also means you have to properly estimate how much time you will need for the packing and sealing.

  • Make Sure A Home Inspection Is Made Before Moving In

Some people tend to skip this step, leading to delays and inconvenience. However, now that you’ve heard of this, it’d be best to consider doing this prior to moving in.

What then is a home inspection?

Damages and mishaps are always to be expected when moving into a new place, especially if it is not brand new. This is where a home inspection becomes handy, as you will know what parts of your home need repair. You’ll also get to inspect and assess what needs to be installed.

For example, there are water line leaks, electricity wiring failures, absence of internet connection, etc. Take note that fixing and installation might take a few days or weeks.

With that being said, you need to make sure that these are all settled and fixed before you move in. Doing so will save you from the possible stress and inconvenience it may bring you. On the contrary, dealing with these problems during the moving in the process might cause you to vacate the settling-in activities and cause you to delay.

  • Tie Up Loose Ends From Your Former Home

As you move to your new place, it’s important that you don’t leave loose ends from your former home.

One of the essential things you need to settle down when you’re renting a home is your lease contract with your former landlord. You need to inform your landlord ahead of time that you’re moving out. Doing so will help you get your security deposit smoothly and faster. Not just that, you also need to consider your mailing address. If you’re subscribed to an internet service, cable service, or other subscriptions that send you monthly emails, you need to make sure that you update them with your new address.

If you’re transferring to another city, make sure to end your subscription contract with the gym you’re going to and other sorts of membership.

  • Have A Specific Design In Mind Before Moving In 

Last but not least, you need to let your imagination run, extract those creative juices and have a specific design in mind before moving in.

Another pro tip to keep in mind is to design your space according to your preferences and one that goes along with your lifestyle. Note that your home is your safe space. This is where you go home and rest after a long tiring day. Therefore, you want it the best.

If you opt to repaint the whole place or install new lighting fixtures, these should be done while the condo is empty for a faster and smoother installation. On the contrary, repainting your place with all the pieces of furniture and things inside will cause you more stress and inconvenience as you have to cover all your things or constantly move them not to stain them with paint.


Indeed, moving into a new place is sure to be exciting but can also be pretty stressful and daunting. That’s why it’s essential to know the packing tips and tricks for a smoother and quicker moving in process.

Keep note that planning and preparation are key points. Listing down all the necessary items in your checklist is one of the important things to do. Necessary items should go with you to your new place to avoid buying new stuff. On the other hand, never be afraid to let go of old items to start fresh. Donations, reselling, and proper disposal are your options. Labeling each box is also a must for much smoother transporting and unpacking. Last but not least, a good overnight bag will surely do the trick and help you freshen up after a tiring day amidst the dilemma of an unfinished unpacking business.

There you have it, the 10 ways to pack as you move into your new condo unit.


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