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Planning To Sell? Don’t Bother With These 6 Projects!

You’ve finally made the decision to sell your home. Congratulations! But before you list you may find yourself running around the house noting all of the projects and renovations that need to be done. Stop! While it is true that there are many things a seller can, and should, do before their house hits the market, there is also a list of things that should just be left alone.

While this may feel like the opposite of everything you thought you knew, it is an important reminder that not every project will actually add value to your home. Many times sellers tend to overthink, over-dwell, and over-stress about small details that don’t actually deter buyers.

To get the highest value for your house, you need to prepare your home appropriately but without breaking the bank.  Below we will take a look at 6 home projects that you should be removed from your to-do list.

Partial Room Upgrades:

It may be tempting to go through each room of your house and fix or upgrade the worst features, however, this is often a waste of time and money. Unless doing a complete overall in a room, it’s much like putting lipstick on a pig- if the lipstick was a shiny new faucet and the pig an outdated and renovation desperate bathroom. In this case, it is better to not even bother with the faucet as chances are the new homeowner will end up renovating the entire room and replacing it again.

The same goes for other areas of the house including but not limited to: kitchens, flooring, windows and painting. These projects are expensive, time-consuming, and very noticeable when done halfway. If not done correctly they will stick out like a sore thumb and turn off most buyers.

Concrete/Driveway Cracks:

We’ve all heard the saying that the first impression is the most important one and that curb appeal is a top priority, however, that doesn’t mean going around fixing every tiny little crack you see. Small cracks in concrete and asphalt driveways are inevitable and quite common, they will not significantly affect your home’s value or curb appeal.

Homebuyers are often aware that certain features of a home are not going to be perfect, and while we would all love magazine ready exterior at all times, it is unrealistic to expect that. Save your money and time for projects that will make a real difference in the look of your home.

Normal Wear and Tear:

You may think that because you are selling your home it needs to be in brand new condition, but this is not the case. Buyers are expecting to see some signs of wear and tear, especially if your home is an older model.

Some things you should not waste time or money on fixing before listing include: small holes in walls from pictures or artwork, scuffed up floors, carpets with normal wear, and nicks or scratches on countertops and cabinets. These are all things that are to be expected in a home and do not significantly affect its value.

Personalized Projects:

When getting your home ready to sell it is important to remember that you are no longer living there- the goal is to make it appealing to as many buyers as possible. This means that any projects or renovations that are very specific to your taste should be avoided.

Some examples of this would be: adding a pond or waterfall feature, painting every room a different color, and adding personal murals or artworks. These types of projects will only serve to turn buyers away, as they would rather put their own personal touch on the home.

Extensive Pool Repairs:

If you are selling a home with a pool, you may want to think twice about performing any costly repairs prior to listing. While it is important to keep the pool clean and well maintained, any extensive repairs should wait until after the sale as the person or people who end up buying your home may have no intention of keeping the pool at all.

A better idea is to be transparent about the current state of the pool and obtain a quote from a reputable company so that buyers can decide for themselves if the repair is worth the cost. The last thing you want to hear is that you spend thousands of dollars fixing your pool in order to list and the new owners ended up filling it in.

Lawn Maintenance:

It is important to keep your lawn looking its best when selling your home, however, you should not go overboard with fancy landscaping or expensive renovations. Buyers are not expecting perfection, and most are aware that a little work will need to be done in order to maintain the property after purchase.

Some things you can do to spruce up your lawn without breaking the bank include: mowing and edging regularly, planting some flowers or shrubs, and spreading mulch. These are all relatively inexpensive and easy to do yourself, but they will make a big difference in the look of your home.
It is important to remember that when selling your home, you should not spend too much time or money on projects that are specific to your taste. Stick to basic repairs and maintenance, and don’t worry about fixing things that are not broken. Buyers are expecting to see some signs of wear and tear, and they will be more interested in a home that is in good condition overall. With a little bit of elbow grease and some basic knowledge, you can get your home ready to sell without breaking the bank.


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