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What Is The Point In A Crawl Space Anyway?

A lot of homes in the United States have a crawlspace, which is a small area of height placed underneath your floor. You may be wondering what the point of this is! Isn’t it simply a waste of space? Actually, there are many benefits associated with crawlspaces, as we will reveal below.

  1. Less expensive than a basement – One of the primary reasons why properties have crawlspaces instead of basements is because they cost much less.
  2. It is easier to service properties with crawlspaces – Ductwork and plumbing can run in your crawl space. This means they are a lot easier to service and move throughout the lifespan of your property. If you decided to go for slabs instead, this could mean that servicing your property could result in you needing to excavate your living room floor.
  3. A crawlspace will lift your property off the ground – Another advantage associated with crawlspaces is that they lift properties up off the ground. This is especially critical in areas that are prone to termites, and also locations that often are susceptible to dampness. Ultimately, what a crawlspace can do here is protect your home in the long run.
  4. Boost the style of your home – Of course, style is something that comes down to personal preference and opinion. However, a lot of people prefer crawlspaces because they boost a property’s aesthetic appeal. A lot of people prefer the raised look.
  5. Frost – Frost can be a real problem in some locations, which can stop slab foundations from being a possibility. This means that either crawlspaces or basements need to be used because thaw cycles can cause damage with slabs in the cold months. As crawlspaces are the cheaper of both options, it is not much of a shock to learn that they are the most popular.

Clearly, there are a lot of benefits of having a crawlspace, yet it is critical to make sure you maintain this area properly. You need to waterproof your crawlspace, and you also need to insulate it. Fiberglass batts are commonly used when insulating crawlspaces. Some homeowners also decide to combine this with spray foam insulation from the likes of American Foam Experts. This makes a lot of sense because spray foam insulation will provide a tight seal against heat transfer and air movement.

Your crawlspace maintenance checklist is also vital in terms of blocking out entry points for rodents. You should ventilate this area too. Inspecting it on a regular basis and cleaning the space are both recommended. If your crawlspace is dirty, this can result in humidity issues, as well as problems with insects and bugs. Keeping your crawlspace moisture-free and dry can help to lower the chances of any issues happening at a later date.

We hope that this has given you a complete insight into crawlspaces and their importance. As you can see, they are a lot more beneficial than a lot of people realize when it comes to the integrity and longevity of their homes.


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