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Top 7 Best Ideas To Transform Your Home With a Limited Budget

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The design of your home is often a reflection of your personality. The colors you choose, house design, down to the knick-knacks you display on your shelves are an extension of you and the people who live in your home. But like people, homes can benefit from a makeover now and then. The good news is that transforming your home doesn’t need to be expensive. There are some great ideas to change your home without breaking the bank, from giving it a good clean to repainting your furniture.

1. Add an Accent Wall

An accent wall is a wall that has a different color, shade or material than the other walls around it. It’s a simple yet effective way to make a noticeable difference in your house without spending too much money or time to do it.

To start creating an accent wall, you first need to choose a wall. While you are free to choose whichever you like, walls without windows are preferred by industry experts. The easiest way to create an accent wall is to paint a bright, bold color that sets it apart from the other walls. If you need help finding the right colors that go together, you can review a color wheel. You can also opt to paint it with a pattern.

If you’re not ready to commit to the permanence of paint, you can opt for removable wallpaper. Wallpaper gives you the same impact as painting a wall, but without the commitment.

2. Change Your Curtains

Investing in new curtains is a simple and budget-friendly way to transform any room in your house. There are many curtain fabrics and curtain designs you can mix and match depending on your mood and the season. For example, you can opt to change your winter curtains to sheer ones when it’s summer to let more light and circulation in your house. To make it even more budget-friendly, you can even dye the curtains you already have to give them a different look.

3. Invest in New Throw Pillows

Like curtains, throw pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up a living room. If your space feels dull and uninspired, add some throw pillows in vibrant hues, designs and sizes to uplift the mood. There are infinite ways to mix and match throw pillows to fit your every mood and inspiration.

4. Clean and Organize Your Space

Sometimes all you need to transform your space is to clean and organize it. Take out the vacuum cleaner, mop and whatever cleaning materials you have in your arsenal and give your house a good scrub from top to bottom. You can unleash your inner Mari Kondo and declutter your home. When decluttering, go through your closets and cabinets and look at what you’ve stored there. Throw away, donate or sell the things you don’t need to free up space. Keep a separate space for sentimental items you want to keep. If you can’t decide which items to discard, maybe you can take a page from Mari and ask yourself: Does it spark joy? You’ll be surprised at how decluttering and cleaning can transform your home.

5. Repaint Your Roof

If your roof is relatively in good condition, but you don’t like the current color, you can repaint it to freshen the way it looks. Painting the roof yourself is not a project for everybody because it involves climbing up the roof with safety gear. However, if you consider yourself a DIY expert, this can be a project for you. You’ll need to clean the roof first and apply a primary and secondary coat of roof paint. You can also take this opportunity to waterproof your roof and install a leaf guard for gutters. Gutter guards or gutter covers eliminate the need for constant cleaning, especially if your gutters are near trees.

6. Refresh Your Bedroom with New Sheets and Pillow Cases

If your bedroom is looking a little dull, you can change the way it looks by investing in a new bed and duvet covers as well as pillowcases. As with curtains and pillow cushions, sheets and pillowcases come in various designs and fabrics. You can choose the colors that suit your style and mood with all the choices.

7. Upcycled Furniture

There’s no need to buy new furniture to give your home a new look. You can provide a new life to your old furniture by upcycling them. Upcycling your worn furniture can be as easy as putting a fresh coat of paint on your table to give it a new look. You can create a planter with old suitcases to grow plants and vegetables if you’re up to it. You also can jazz up metal folding chairs by repainting them and covering the upholstery with fabric with quirky patterns. Another idea is to decoupage your old dining room table or chairs. Your imagination only limits the ways to upcycle your home furniture. If you need inspiration, you can always go to sites like Pinterest. If you need help with the how-to’s, you can search for tutorials on Youtube.

Giving your home a makeover need not be expensive. With a bit of time and creativity, you can transform your home into a place you’ll look forward to coming home to.


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