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Relocating? Hacks to Make Moving Easier

The thought of moving is enough to drive anyone crazy. Imagine packing all the stuff you own without causing damage while ensuring your kids or pets are safe. The whole process is time- and money-consuming and requires a lot of precision to make it work.  A great company to use would be MoveDay Movers in Dallas as your top pick.

You will also need to find a list of car shipping companies to help you move your automobiles safely. From the available service providers, you can pick the most reliable. Once you have settled on a moving company, you can proceed with packing and deciding on the actual moving date. But how do you ensure moving is less hectic? Here is how:

Label Your Boxes

As you pack your belongings, label each box on different sides, highlighting its contents. It helps when loading and offloading. The packages with fragile items are handled with care and put near the door. It also prevents stacking other boxes on top of them.

On arrival at your new home, you can easily get things from the boxes without creating a mess since you know what is in which package.

Mark Your Tape

When packing, you need lots of tapes to prevent the contents in your boxes from coming out and your drawers from moving. Because packing is not a one-time thing, you need breaks while doing the work. After cutting the tape, it becomes challenging to find the sticky end.

To avoid the headache of moving the tape multiple rounds, consider using toothpicks, earbuds, or any other small items to mark the ends. It makes your work easier when you resume packing, and you will be less likely to become irritable.

Take Pictures of Your New Home

When renting a property, you do not want to incur costs from damages you didn’t cause. Take pictures of the house before unpacking your property and after arranging it. Keep the images safe so that when you want to move and your landlord refuses to give you your deposit citing damages, you can pull out the photos for evidence.

Make an Unpacking Plan

Packing is one thing, and unpacking is another. It is unhealthy to think you can unpack everything on your first day in your new house. Like it took you long to pack, it will take you longer to unpack. You will have neighbors flocking to your home to welcome you to the neighborhood, figure out where to get your grocery, and how people do things in your new area.

Make plans on how you will unpack things. You can choose to unpack them based on how frequently you use them and such criteria. This approach is more organized, and you will have everything unpacked in good time while ensuring your home remains neat.

Use Garbage Bags on Your Hanged Clothes

Folding clean clothes in bags to find them all creased is a headache no one wants to experience. If you have ironed and hanged your clothes, there is no need to remove them from the hangers. Since you want to maintain them in their condition, use garbage bags to pack them.

Whiles still on their hangers, slide the garbage bags from the bottom as if you are dressing them. Do this in batches to ensure you do not overload the bags.

Use T-shirts to Pack Your Plates

Plates are fragile, and when not carefully packed, most of them can break during packing and unpacking. Instead of buying protective material and adding to your expenses, you can use what you have—T-shirts!

Use the tees to wrap your plates before stacking them together. They reduce the impact. Finish wrapping and arrange them vertically to minimize the possibility of breaking further.

Create Handles on the Packing Boxes

Lifting the packed boxes is challenging because most do not have handles. If you are a skilled DIYer, you can create them using a knife. However, ensure you have put safety into consideration so you don’t end up chopping your fingers.

Use Disposable Plates and Cups

To avoid last-minute inconveniences, consider using disposable cups and plates on your last days in your old house and the first days of your new home. It will ensure that you do not have to dig in your packed utensils and repeat the packing process.

Do you freeze every time you think about moving? These hacks can help make the process more tolerable. They are simple, and you can use what you have at your disposal without hurting your pocket. Try them when moving next time.


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