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Renovations Before Selling, What Is Best?

Is it worth doing renovations before selling a property to increase the selling price? Many owners ask themselves this question. What is worthwhile – and what needs to be considered? Of course, a renovation increases the attractiveness. And an attractive property is easier to sell at the best price than a rather unattractive property. The classic real estate buyer loves a neat impression and prefers clean and tidy properties. Especially if the location of the house or apartment is not the best, the ambiance has to convince the interested party all the more. If the home makes a valuable impression, a buyer is more quickly prepared to compromise on the location and to buy the property at the desired price.

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Estimate how expensive the renovation can be

Before owners start renovating, they should estimate exactly how much money they want to spend on renovating or even refurbishing. Financially, it is of course of no use if the work costs more than is ultimately achieved with a higher sales price. It is therefore important to know which effort is actually worthwhile. You should consider learning how to renovate a house so that you know what to expect.

A new kitchen increases the price by 4.5 percent

It doesn’t always have to be large investments and complex innovations that make a property more attractive to buyers. A new state-of-the-art kitchen, for example, makes a big difference. Statistically speaking, a home with a new functional kitchen has around a 4.5 percent higher selling price per square meter. It means that the buyers can enjoy a functional kitchen. The same applies to a new bathroom. The first impression counts. You must also concentrate on neatness, tidiness, and brightness. These attributes strengthen trust and interest in buying.

State-of-the-art energetically pays off

When it comes to heating, property sellers are often uncertain: How sensitively do buyers react when and therefore consume far too much energy? After all, energy awareness is increasing in the world. Sustainable buildings sell faster. It is the future. It is always advisable to replace a heating system that is not equipped with modern technology. The same applies to the insulation of the roof and the installation of new windows. Owners who plan to sell their property in the long term have a clear advantage. It can be worthwhile for you to take substantial, energy-saving measures for several reasons:

  1. You benefit financially from the energy savings yourself. In individual cases, the energy requirement can be reduced by up to 85 percent.
  2. Good efficiency values increase the property value and are considered a convincing sales argument.

It is definitely worth it for owners to spruce up their property. If an apartment or house is in need of renovation, potential buyers often unconsciously suspect that there is further damage or problems. It may lead potential buyers to believe that the home will need a lot of work over the years. Renovation will naturally always assist you in selling – think sustainable – think big.


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