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It’s common to come across wallpaper in people’s homes. It’s been the standard for decades and does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. But did you know that wallpaper can serve your commercial property needs too? It no longer needs to be the norm in only residential spaces. Let’s look at how using wallpaper can transform your business space and help you lease it for more money:

Benefits of Wallpaper for Commercial Spaces

Workspaces were once dull spaces where people would report, put in their hours, grunt at some points of the day, and clock out. Maybe they headed out for happy hour or went home, dreading the monotony of the next day. That was until commercial space owners and lessees decided to change things. How? By introducing some color, patterns, and textures in these spaces. Through these, they made the spaces feel more inspiring, which shot up the productivity in the spaces. Think about it. When people are in a room with beautiful wallpaper, they feel better about the workspace. Even clients who walk into such rooms are more likely to linger for longer. For restaurants and boutiques, that’s a good thing.

But why would wallpaper be the right choice for a commercial property?

Better Aesthetics

When people move into a commercial space, they often spend a huge chunk of money customizing the space. It eats into their budget and can deter them from making any big moves for a while. But picture a room fitted with flower wallpaper or any other lively patterns. A business could move in and not require doing any touchup on the room. Wallpaper has a positive aesthetic impact on any space. It takes away the financial burden on the tenant and enables them to focus on the fittings instead. That should be a great selling point that would have people lining up for a lease.

Higher Durability

Commercial spaces often see many people walking in and out of these premises. It’s easy for the spaces to have a high rate of wear and tear, seeing as people do not treat them as homes. The good thing with wallpaper is that it is long-lasting. A good wallpaper will serve you for as many as 10 to 15 years. That’s much more use than you would get from paint which often needs a touchup every few years. Plus, paint fades, and when used on a wall with high foot traffic, it requires a high level of maintenance. But with wallpaper, you’re talking about at least a decade of use. Even with frequent use and cleaning, it will continue serving your functional and aesthetic needs. So, when you introduce this aspect to your tenants, they will hardly hold back on paying more for the space.

Low Maintenance

How many tenants want to spend time maintaining the premises? Very few. They are content with having you take care of the shared spaces, and they make do with what their employees can do in their leased space. The possibility of hiring help to maintain the walls will not augur well with most lessees. The good thing with wallpaper is that it is easy to maintain. You can clean it by simply running a wet cloth over its surface. Some are even scrubbable, but you barely need to go that far. Throw this in as a point when marketing the space- most people will jump at the chance to save money on maintenance.

Reduced Energy Use

Think about offices, cafes, restaurants, salons, and the likes. What do these spaces have in common? They host clients who want to be as comfortable as possible. It’s easier said than done. After all, how do you get your clients to feel warm when it’s freezing outside? You crank up the heater, which, of course, translates to higher utility costs each month. But if you don’t have the heat up, some people will cancel on you and head to a premise where heating is not a problem. You get to provide your tenants with a higher R value with wallpapers, thanks to their insulation properties. They can rest assured that providing comfortable spaces to their clients will not come with a higher utility bill.

Increased Property Value

Do you want to know the reason most people install wallpaper in their homes? They want higher resale values! They know that potential buyers walking through the space will notice the improvements and alter the offer upwards. That’s the same case with commercial wallpaper. Once it’s in place, your space’s value will also go up, and when your property has a high value, you can always negotiate a better lease rate. It comes down to the low maintenance and high durability aspects associated with wallpaper. Besides, people are always willing to pay more for aesthetically appealing spaces.

More Customizability

Most tenants don’t like being tied down to one look. With paint, the appearance of the space is permanent and cannot change unless the tenant seeks your permission to paint over the walls. But with wallpaper? Your tenant can remove this and install their choice of wallpaper. Removable wallpaper makes it possible for tenants to try different themes as they sort through their marketing edge. The best thing about it? – it will not damage the walls and gives them the freedom to choose how they want to display their brand image. They can take their wallpaper with them or leave it for the next tenant when they eventually move out.

Improved Image

Suppose your commercial space is a bit rundown, and the walls are not what they used to be. Painting them would not be the best option. Instead, you can use wallpaper to make them pop and take away the focus from the walls. Besides, it also protects the walls from getting damaged by the tenants. That way, when you want to lease out the space to another tenant, you don’t need to start repairing holes or blemishes brought on by the previous tenant.

Did we mention that wallpaper is also easy to install and comes in a wide variety? These are other pros that you can pass on to possible tenants for better lease terms.


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