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7 Simple Ways to Make a Room Look Bigger

Do you want to make your room look bigger despite your small budget?

The size of your rooms is one of the key factors that affect a home’s value. After all, it affects your livable space. If you already have a small room, you must make the most out of the space.

How can you make a room look bigger? Here are some techniques to free up more space while keeping your room stylish. Check out seven simple ways below.

1. Repaint to Make a Room Look Bigger

One of the most effective ways to help make a room look bigger is to repaint it. The key is to use the right colors to accomplish the task.

The go-to color for most homeowners is white. When light hits your white walls, the latter reflects it. It gives the illusion of having more space. Also, going for white paint grants more flexibility.

White works in most room types and aesthetics. You can use it in your bedroom, your kitchen, or your living room. If the room is south-facing, this color is one of your best bets.

On the flip side, soft black paint will work if your room has no natural light. Go for charcoal for a more intimate feeling while keeping that elegant vibe.

If your room doesn’t have architectural details, pick something neutral like greige or light taupe. These colors will also work if you don’t want to veer from white. They offer the right amount of brightness since they let light bounce off.

Moreover, it makes a warmer touch plain white paint can’t give. If you want to create a bubbly vibe, a soft shade of pink is perfect. Extend the paint hue on your ceiling to maximize its enlarging effect.

Study these painting techniques to make a room look bigger. Consider all factors, especially your design preferences.

2. Maintain a Low Profile

Another technique to consider is maintaining a low profile. When choosing your furniture, go for the ones that sit lower to the ground. This makes a roomier effect since it frees up a lot of overhead space.

A good example includes a few pieces of mid-century furniture with low-to-the-ground designs. In your bedroom, consider using a loft bed. If you want, ditch the bed and lay your mattress directly on the floor but always make sure that if you do that, you need something like a Purple Mattress or another high-end brand.

Also, make a focal point in the room. It can be a certain area or a specific feature within. Its main goal is to draw people’s attention as soon as they enter.

For your bedroom, the best option is your bed. Arrange your furniture in a way that draws people’s focus to it. When it comes to your room décor, keep it at a minimum.

3. Get Rid of the Clutter

Sometimes, the biggest factors that keep you from freeing up your rooms are in front of you. People have various reasons they have clutter. Regardless, look into the items residing in your room and cut down the clutter.

Your goal is to organize your room and make it tidy. It involves rearranging some items to free up more space. You may also need to discard items you no longer need.

As for your walls, apply a minimalistic approach. Avoid covering them with too many pictures, posters, and other visual implements. If you need to hang one, pick a single large painting to keep the look simple.

If you’re using large rugs, remove them. It helps create an illusion of larger floor space. Limit yourself to a few smaller rugs if your room needs them.

4. Use Some Mirrors

Use mirrors to make a room look larger. For starters, invest in a floor-length variant. Put it in a spot near a wall and facing a window.

Mirrors are excellent for reflecting your rooms. They create that illusion of a bigger and brighter space. By having your mirror face a window, it can reflect natural light from the floor to your ceiling.

Alternatively, you can angle your mirrors toward your room’s focal point. Doing so will create an illusion of depth.

You may also hang a mirror against the wall. Otherwise, put one over a glass tabletop. If you’re buying a new cabinet, going for mirrored cabinets will also work.

Check out for various mirror options and other home fixtures.

5. Say Goodbye to Your Drapes

Aside from using mirrors, consider ditching your drapes. These things keep you from seeing the outside. It creates a closed-in feeling like you’re inside a box.

Instead of drapes, use lightweight mesh or shutters as alternatives. If you can’t live without curtains, use a bar that extends way beyond the window frame. It allows you to expose your entire windows.

6. Go Vertical

We mentioned earlier that maintaining a low profile can make a room look bigger. However, if your room comes with a high ceiling, maximize it by focusing on the vertical space. Hang a vertical artwork against the wall.

If you have a tall bookshelf, now is the time to use it. If you want to add some lights, a slim pendant light should do the trick.

7. Simple Still Works

Keeping things simple is timeless. Even if you have a small room, you can tweak things within to make it more spacious. Aside from de-cluttering, avoid using bold colors and overwhelming patterns.

If you need to release your creativity, limit it to a single wall. It will serve as the room’s accent wall.

Increase Your Home Improvement Skills

Now you know the tricks to make a room look bigger, you can begin assessing your spaces and develop a plan of action. However, learning how to make a small room look bigger is only one of the many ways you can improve your home.

We invite you to check our other articles. Here is a guide that will teach you how to make a living room bigger and brighter.


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