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The Signs Of A Good House And How You Can Spot Them

If you’re on the search for a new home or property for your portfolio, then it will be important for you to be aware of what you’re buying. There may be hidden little things to look out for, as well as questions you should be asking the seller and realtor that you’re potentially working with.

Size Of The Home

One of the first things that you should be looking out for when it comes to the quality of the home, is the actual size. This can refer to several factors, from the physical size of each home to the front and back garden space. The size is important for both the seller and buyer, with it being important to get a true and honest representation across the board.

Knowing the size of the home allows you to be inspired to create whatever you want when you purchase, without restriction. It may be possible for you to extend the home into new areas, or knock down walls to open up rooms.

History Of The Home

The history of the home can tell you a lot about whether or not the house is worth buying or not. For example, you may notice in its records that it has recently gone through a refurbishment, which means it won’t need any work doing for a while. Alternatively, you may find that the report states that the house hasn’t undergone any major work, which could mean you need to refurbish the property to keep it going.

The history of the home could be provided by your realtor or solicitor, who should be able to obtain any documents related to your home. On that note, the realtor you work with will be super important for the house purchasing process. If you have a below-par realtor, then it could not only slow down the house purchase but also cost you more in hidden fees.

The area in which you’re looking to buy could dictate which realtor you decide to work with to make the purchase easier. Whether that’s looking at a certain county or state. For a realtor in South Carolina for example, you may have more options to consider. You can find a realtor with experience such as EZ Home Search, which utilizes both traditional and modern methods to find your dream home and make the process as easy as possible.

With an efficient realtor, you will find you have less work to do, and can instead focus on finding the actual home itself. If they don’t have any documents that you want to see, then they will be able to find the records through the county or town hall to help answer your queries.

Foundation Condition

Relating to the history of the home, you should be taking a keen look at the foundation and structure of the building. This will include looking out for things such as damp in the walls, rotting timber, cracks in the foundation as well as other important building elements.

This is the reason that some people hire professionals to survey the home. These surveys are something you should do before purchasing so that you know you’re getting your money’s worth, and won’t need to fork out more money further down the line.

For example, you may be expected to pay for repairs or have to pay, to live in the property after you’ve purchased it. If possible, you should ensure that the cost is lowered to accommodate for any issues, or at least have them take care of it before paying.

What You Should Be Looking To Avoid

As well as the foundation, you should be looking out for several issues, including looking at the overall condition of the exterior walls, as they can be a sign of deeper problems. Within the home, you should keep an eye on the floor situation, as any uneven or bouncy floors could be a sign of an issue that is expensive to fix.

This is more common with older homes because they’ve settled over a long time. Of course, some bumps will be perfectly fine to have within the home, but some previous work on a home could have disrupted the situation.

When you’re viewing a home, you should be careful of any room fresheners that have been placed by the owner or realtor too. This could be a sign that they are trying to hide a common smell, which may be a nasty surprise for you when it comes to purchasing. It’s a similar story when it comes to music or sounds being played across the home, as they may be trying to mask any noise from outside or nearby.

If there is a place within the home that the seller doesn’t want you to see, then this will also be a red flag, and you should be hesitant.


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