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Shine A Light On The Selling Point Of Your Property

The key to selling any property is matching it to the right buyer. In order to do that, you should get to know the selling proposition of said property. These are the key points that are going to help the property stand out against all of the rest. Depending on the specific selling points of the property, there are different ways to highlight them. Here are a few.

What’s nearby

The location of the home plays a huge factor in who it will sell to. Aside from whether or not it’s in a good neighborhood, prioritize the emphasis on its proximity to other highlights in the area. You can use a map to outline the home’s position, as well as the distance to local draws. This can include schools, stores, transport links, parks, and other amenities. Use every advantage that your location has to offer your property.

The rooms that matter most

While every room matters when selling a home, the bathroom and kitchen matter the most. Ensure that these rooms are shown in the best possible light by taking the time to photograph them well. Make use of natural light and don’t let too many personal effects linger in the shots. If you have updated kitchens, quality appliances, and good materials in these vital rooms, show them off.

The space and square-footage

In your property advertisement, list the dimensions of each room clearly. Buyers want to know as much detail about the space as possible. If your property offers plenty of space, however, you can emphasize it even further. Make use of 3D home visualisation that can immerse the potential buyer in the space much more completely. If you have plenty of space, show it off in detail so that they’re more inclined to come to explore it in person, too.

New and eco-friendly technologies

Green homes are on the rise. These include not just homes that use more sustainable technologies and fixtures but also those that have been built sustainably. Investing in making your home greener can definitely appeal to a certain crowd. The best way to show this is with clear energy ratings. Listing the green features in a specific section of the property description is a good way to shine a light on them as well.

The flexibility of spaces

Some spaces in your property are likely to offer more flexibility than others. Use the property description to highlight the potential options for these spaces. For instance, you can help the buyer get an idea of multiple ways that a guest bedroom can be used. Additional spaces like a finished basement or outbuilding can be great selling points, as well. Don’t try to enforce your notion of how these spaces are used, but highlight the sheer versatility they offer.

Get to know the selling points of your property and make sure that your market focuses attention on them, predominantly. The above points are just some examples but you should take a closer look at your property to find its own.


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