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Small Home, Big Storage: How to Find More Storage Space in Your House

Insufficient storage space is the number one reason why most families move.

However, what if you could create more storage space in your home without having to move into a bigger and more expensive house?

Read on for more insights on how you can enhance the storage space in your house.

1. Use Multitasking Furniture

Modern furniture is being made with storage space in mind.

Go for beds and tables that have extra storage features such as drawers, small chests, and shelves. Also, shop for ottomans with storage spaces for household accessories such as books and pillows to save on even more space.

Keep in mind these types of furniture may cost more upfront compared to the standard types. However, this will pay off in the long run when compared to the cost of moving to a new home.

2. Make Use of High Ceilings

Do you have high ceilings in your house?

You can use this to your advantage by creating a loft space where you can store some household items or even convert it into a bedroom.

You can do the same to your unused attics. With a little home renovation, you can turn your attic into an essential part of your living space.

3. Invest in Hooks

Hooks will help you utilize the unused vertical space on your walls, in front of your refrigerator, in your closets, or underneath your kitchen cabinets.

Hooks come in a range of sizes and materials, including plastic and metal. Plastic hooks are available in different colors and designs but aren’t as durable as metal hooks. For your refrigerator, you can go for magnetic hooks that can hold kitchen items such as oven mitts and aprons.

4. Find Dead Spaces and Convert Them Into Useful Space

Another insightful tip on how to make more storage space in your home is to look for and make use of all the dead spaces in your home.

Dead spaces may include areas such as below the staircase, under your bed, on top of closets, behind doors, or any other small recessed places in your home.

You can convert these spaces into useful storage areas in multiple ways. For instance, for the vertical space above the top shelf of your closets, you can use storage bags or boxes to store your pillows or extra blankets.

What’s more, you can add shelves, vertical drawers, or even storage boxes and bags in the space under your staircase. For the space under your bed, storage boxes can be used to keep extra beddings and other unused bedroom stuff.

However, keep in mind that items stored in these areas can accommodate a lot of dust quickly. Therefore, besides the regular cleaning, consider using vacuum sealed storage bags.

You can also install drawers under your bed to create even more storage space in your home. For the small recessed spaces such as the area behind your doors, you can add hanging shoe organizers (for bedroom doors) or shower caddies (for bathroom doors).

5. Consider Portable Kitchen Cabinets

Portable cabinets will be an ideal solution to your home’s storage problem because of their mobility.

Choose a movable cabinet with built-in shelves for your kitchen accessories that can also act as a kitchen island. This useful furniture will not only revamp your kitchen but also come in handy for a range of outdoor events like barbecues and parties on your patio or deck.

6. Create More Storage Space with Drawer Dividers

Since most of the clutter occurs in the drawers, investing in a tool that can help you have organized drawers is a step towards creating more storage space.

Drawer dividers allow you to divide your drawer spaces to store different items separately, hence reducing the clutter.

For instance, you can have them in your bathroom drawers to help separate the toiletries from your makeup. For your kitchen, the drawers will be ideal for storing your cutleries separately and keeping your countertop organized.

Check out this website for more insightful ideas on self-storage for minimalists.

7. Focus on Your Optimal Real Estate

Fun fact: the height between your shoulders and knees is considered as your optimal real estate.

This means you need to keep the items that you often use within your real estate region. This will leave with more space to store other items in out-of-reach storage areas.

If you have items that you don’t need in your house, it would be a good idea to get rid of them.

Old furniture and other unused items in your garage can take up a considerable amount of storage space. As such, consider donating them or even selling them at a garage sale.

8. Extend Your Storage to Your Outdoor Living Space

Don’t know where to keep your garden hose, lawn mower, or other garden supplies?

A storage shed can be the ideal solution for storing all these equipment. However, if you feel that building a shed in your backyard is quite expensive, consider getting garden benches with hidden storage. These benches can help you store outdoor tools and gear like garden hoses, freeing up the much-needed space in your garage.

Create More Space in Your House with These Easy Tips

These simple tips will help you create the extra storage space you’ve always wanted.

However, not all the tips will work for everyone. It’s, therefore, important to evaluate the size of your house and the number of items you have in your home when figuring out the ideal way to create enough space for your household items.

If these tips prove ineffective, then you’ll have to get a new place. Check out our latest property listings to find a spacious home for your family in Florida.


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