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How To Spruce Up Your Garden Before Selling Or Renting

Spending less than $300 in lawn care alone can yield a 352% return on investment, according to research from HomeLight. An overgrown, poorly landscaped garden can put a lot of people off, whether you’re trying to sell or rent your property. This can mean that you have to lower your price to get anyone seriously interested. Spending a bit of time and money on your garden before putting your property on the market is often the better option, as it pays off in the long run.

Maintain trees and remove any problematic ones

Trees can be a great asset for gardens, especially in big spaces, but they need to be healthy and well-positioned. A tree that’s near the home and is leaning over, or has lots of branches that look like they could break soon, is a big put off as there’s a risk of damage to the property. Sorting this out can add value to your property. It’s also worth inspecting trees that may have decay or root problems, as these look bad and can lead to structural problems on your property. Dealing with tree problems is vital if you’re selling your home, and it will give renters peace of mind. Remember, don’t remove all trees: many people appreciate trees for some shade in the hot Miami sun.

Good looking lawns

A lawn seems like a simple thing, but if it hasn’t been maintained, it can look like a big problem. In most cases, lawns can easily be rescued, which is an inexpensive job. Raking over your lawn can help to remove any moss and weeds. You can then sprinkle grass seeds in areas that need a little boost. Installing a sprinkler can be a good idea to help keep the grass green and healthy, as well as give new seeds the chance to grow. Going around lawn borders to neaten them up will give the garden a cleaner look overall and shows potential buyers or renters that you’ve maintained the garden.

Show what the space has to offer

Estate agents often recommend staging a home to show people how it can work for them, as well as making it looks its best. Doing the same in the garden is important too, especially in large gardens where the weather entices people to spend a lot of time outdoors. Having a table and chairs next to a barbecue on a patio area helps people to imagine themselves enjoying the space with friends and family, which is a great association for your property to have when they think back on it. If you have a pool, have pool loungers out, make sure the pool is clean, and you could even offer some drinks for people looking around. Again, this helps them to picture themselves living there.

You don’t usually need to spend a lot of money to make your property’s garden look good, and a lot of jobs are easy to do yourself. A good garden helps to add value to your property and entices people to come and have a look.


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