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Why should you refinish your floors?

Floors can normally last for years with proper care. However, that doesn’t mean that they will not suffer from wear and tear at some point. Thankfully, a hardwood floor that seems worn and quite old should not necessarily need to be replaced. In fact, it can be refinished and look new and fresh in a matter of some hours. So, why is floor refinishing worth your attention?

It can cover scratches

A floor with lots of scratches is usually in need of some immediate refinishing. Those scratches have probably worn through the stain and particularly when the stain is by itself quite dark, the problem gets worse. In most cases, those scratches are topical and therefore, you can easily remove them with a simple sand and refinish. However, over time, some spots on the floor may appear really damaged. For example, you may notice spots where the wood has been deeply cut. That situation is not so common, and when it appears, you may consider replacing part of your floor.

It can refine the color of the floor

Floor refinishing can really make your floor look shiny and new again. When your floor suddenly turns grey, it is probably time for you to intervene. Why does the floor change its color? Well, when the polyurethane wears off, it is normal that the wood absorbs water. Water can actually be produced by several sources, including the rain, snow, spilled drink or even your pet’s paws. The wood absorbs a certain amount of water, oxidizes and turns gray. If you don’t refinish your floors at that point, then the situation will only get worse and in the end, the color of your floor will look black.

It can save your floor from fading

Floor refinishing is just what your floor needs if it has been damaged by the sun. The UV rays can discolor your floors or make them look faded and old. Particularly during the day, when the light comes in ample quantities from the windows, the difference will be quite noticeable and irritating, as well. Sanding and refinishing is the only effective way in dealing with this issue, as they enable to remove the top floor layer and apply a new stain afterward.

It can save you a lot of money

As we can all understand, floor refinishing is a lot more inexpensive compared to floor replacement. A damaged floor requires your immediate attention in order to avoid deterioration of the existing situation. Professional refinishing is the most appropriate and cost-friendly type of action you can take when you notice that your floor is calling for your help.

It can improve your house’s value and appearance

Every time someone looks at your house, there is no chance he will miss taking a good look at the floors. Whether you are on the lookout for a possible buyer or you just wish to entertain some friends, a well-preserved floor can make all the difference. Floor refinishing can really increase the value of your house and make it all the more appealing to outsiders. Apart from that, you are going to feel more relaxed and happy if you live in a well-cared property. After all, you and your family or beloved persons are the ones who are really affected by the look of your house on a daily basis.

It can increase your safety

Apart from the whole effect a well-preserved floor has on the beauty and appearance of your house, it is also, highly associated with the owner’s safety. For example, a floor that’s splintering could possibly cause someone’s foot to be seriously injured. Refinishing damaged floors before they get even worse, can really help owners live more safely and avoid getting involved in unfortunate accidents that could be prevented.
It is true that floors can normally live for centuries without getting damaged. However, even if we constantly cover them with rugs and clean them on a regular basis, it is quite normal for them to wear off after some while. After all, a typical owner will usually step on the floors several times a day. Floor refinishing is among the first steps homeowners should have in mind when they find that their floors are damaged one way or another. It is a method that’s quite inexpensive compared to floor replacement and it can give your house a brand new and fresh look.


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