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How to Stage the Bedroom Before You Sell a House

Have you put up your house for sale? If so, it might be soon when your first potential buyer arrives to take a look at the home. The first question they’re likely to ask is how many bedrooms. Your answer is as important as a bedroom’s look, feel, and atmosphere.

Staging a bedroom is what every home seller should do. The process involves making the room as presentable as possible. For instance, any personal items should be removed, such as photographs, shoes, clothes, magazines, books, or posters. You want your buyers to picture themselves living in these bedrooms, seeing them as their own.

In addition, bedrooms are notorious for being prone to clutter. Ensure you declutter the room before the staging. Your bedroom shouldn’t feel busy, tiny, or tight with space. Your buyer shouldn’t struggle to walk around in a bedroom or find a comfortable place to sit.

There are other tips to help you stage a bedroom for sale. Here’s precisely how you do it to maximize your chance of selling your home.

Focus on the bed.

Ensure your bed is the first thing seen whenever someone enters the room. It should be given priority, with space on both sides to walk around. Do not line your bed up with the doorway. In feng shui home staging, it’s known as the ‘coffin position’. You still want to ensure it is prominently featured, with a quality headboard, comforter, and tuck.

If there’s space beside your bed and in the bedroom, set up a little reading nook with a comfy chair and floor lamp. Coziness here is critical. Use furniture rental for home staging to fill the bedroom as you don’t want a space feeling too empty. A sitting area is the recommended way to go and is more neutral than assigning a desk or artistic space to a bedroom.

Add bedroom accessories

It’s not enough to make your bed. Buy a new comforter. They’re not expensive and give a whole new look to a bedroom. No one wants to see an old blanket when they enter a prospective property for themselves. A fancy comforter communicates the vibe of the room, giving someone a place to relax and unwind. The new blanket or comforter really will make a bedroom look more welcoming.

In addition, adding mirrors can perceptively add space to your bedroom. Consider one or two strategically-placed mirrors to make a room feel not so small. It may seem obvious or like an obvious tactic. However, realtors and home sellers have been using this trick successfully for years.

Make the lighting presentable.

If a potential buyer is coming during daytime hours, open the windows and get a lot of natural light. If it’s in the later hours of the day, find the proper lighting for each bedroom. Don’t go overpowering with your lighting, but you don’t want it dim either. You may want to install a new fixture or a dimmer as these are popular among buyers.

Speaking of windows, we don’t even tend to notice our window treatments. Buyers will, however. Take a look and see if they’re worth updating. The right window treatment can emphasize different aspects of a bedroom, such as using drapes to make the area feel taller. It also allows you to decorate and change the look of a bedroom to make it feel more inviting.

Paint reinvigorates a bedroom.

If you haven’t given your bedrooms a new coat of paint in the last year, do so. Choose a light gray or blue to add calmness or a neutral color that you know buyers will like. Even if your bedrooms look tremendous, a fresh coat of paint adds newness that you won’t otherwise get.

In addition, recognize that people exist from all backgrounds. Don’t paint the bedroom in overtly feminine or masculine colors. Making a space appealing to everyone can be tricky. However, this is the sort of atmosphere a seller wants to create when staging a bedroom for sale.

Stage the whole home.

You don’t want a partially staged home with just the bedrooms done, and the kitchen and bathrooms left undone. If you are arranging your bedrooms for sale, recognize you will need to take a similar approach throughout the rest of your home. If there’s an en-suite bathroom to the master bedroom, this is even more important. You will want to ensure there’s a cohesive level of cleanliness and design

When staging the home, focus on the smell. Every home has a scent. We often grow so desensitized to it that we don’t notice. Before entertaining any showings, use essential oils or a pleasant smell to add a new dynamic to your bedrooms. Use a candle or any scent that you perceive to be warm and welcoming.


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