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Steps to Take Before Vacating a Rental Property

Whether you’ve been living in a rental unit for months or years, moving out can be a stressful process. You might be leaving for a house you bought or due to a job change, but no matter the reason, it’s best to have all your tasks when vacating a rental property in order for a hassle-free move.

You might have a list for searching a rental property. Similarly, you should have a list for when you decide to vacate the property too. You might have a good relationship with your landlord, and to end things on an amicable note and get your security deposit back, you should not ignore the processes. Here is a list of things you should do before you vacate the rental property.

Read the rental agreement

When looking to move out of a rental property, read over your rental agreement. There might be some details or rules and regulations related to vacating that you might have forgotten. You will find all the responsibilities you need to undertake before moving out in the contract. Being aware of the conditions stated in your lease will make the process easier.

Send a notice

Sending a notice to your landlord is important. The notice period is usually at least a month and you will find it mentioned in your rental agreement. When notifying your landlord, ensure that you also provide the move-out date and a request to process your security deposit. The landlord can start looking for new tenants during the notice period so that their property does not sit idle for long. There might be different conditions in the contract if you’re breaking your lease before its expiry.

Get repairs and cleaning done

You need to thoroughly inspect the property after you’ve given your notice. You should repair any damage that has been caused by you. If you’ve changed the color of the walls, repaint them to the original one. Get the carpets cleaned by a professional at emerald carpet cleaning ie Dublin and fill in any holes in the walls. Once your furniture is moved out, clean the whole house. Getting all this done will ensure that you get your full security deposit back.

Settle unpaid charges

Settle all your charges for things like utility bills, service providers, taxes, and others before moving out. Disconnect or transfer utility services. If there are any unpaid charges, the landlord can use your security deposit to pay for them.

If you create a list of all the things you need to complete before moving out, the process can become a lot more organized. Take photos of the property when you’re leaving so you have proof of the condition you left it in. This can be helpful if your landlord tries to wrongfully charge you for damage you didn’t cause. Talk to your landlord about anything else that needs to be done before you leave to avoid any problems after you’ve already left.

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