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Why Condos and Hotels Should Install Access Doors and Panels

Nowadays, business people are turning to condo hotel investments because of the number of profits they can generate. Owning one is also the best way to create a passive income, which is an excellent way to secure your future financially. Before owning a condo or hotel, you need to know several essential components that they need.

Condo and hotel buildings need access doors and panels to ensure everyone staying won’t have to experience any issues like power outages or plumbing problems. However, some building owners tend to forget about access doors and panels because they think it’s unnecessary. What they don’t know is that installing them can grant all sorts of benefits.

The Different Access Door and Panel Types

Before you contact a contractor to install them, ensure you know the different access door and panel types. Each type also provides a specific benefit that can help either the person accessing it or its protecting component.

1. Wall Access Doors and Panels

Condos and hotels have different building components such as electrical wires or water pipes behind wall surfaces. When you install wall access doors and panels, maintenance personnel can gain easy access through the wall without having to destroy any part of the wall’s surface. Most of the time, your contractors would install them in building areas where it gets accessed frequently.

2. Ceiling Access Doors and Panels

Apart from components being behind wall surfaces, you can also find building systems and components above ceiling surfaces. You can usually find light fixtures, gas pipes, and even electrical wires running above ceilings. A time will come when technicians may need to access through the ceiling to do some maintenance work, so the best way is to install ceiling access doors and panels.

3. Roof Access Doors and Hatches

If your hotel or condo roof building gets accessed a lot, you will need roof access doors. You can never use ceiling access doors because roof access doors are more durable and can withstand different weather elements, and even provide efficient security. Roof access doors also let anyone pass through the roof without a problem because it usually has a ladder or stairs connected to it. There are even instances when hotels and condos need an equipment roof hatch because they need to let large, heavy equipment pass through to the building’s roof.

Areas Where You Need Access Doors and Panels


Hotel and condo bathrooms have many areas where you need to install access doors and panels. Usually, your contractors would install access doors that match with its surface, so if the bathroom has a tiled surface, the door has a tile insert to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Floor Space and Storage

Your hotel and condo buildings will usually have sewage systems, underground pipes, and even storage areas underneath your floors. The best method to protect them and gain access whenever possible is by installing floor access doors. Besides providing protection, they cover them well enough that no moisture can pass through the floor access door, especially when it has an EPDM rubber gasket surrounding the frame.

High-Security Facilities

Facilities, including prisons and hospitals, will need sturdy, long-lasting wall, ceiling, or floor access doors to provide efficient security. Prisons house dangerous criminals, and they will use anything at their disposal to try to escape. With security access doors and panels, anyone who doesn’t have authorized access will have difficulty accessing or destroying it because of the door’s durability and a specialized lock that only maintenance personnel has. However, you can also install security access doors in hotel and condo buildings to provide better security.

If you require access doors and panels for your hotel or condo building, don’t forget to contact Best Access Doors at 1-800-483-0823.

Photo by Vinicius “amnx” Amano on Unsplash


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