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How Beneficial are Roof Hatches?

Commercial buildings should always have several components to ensure maintenance personnel and technicians can do their job easier. Usually, contractors would install access doors in specific areas to access the space behind the surface. They can install the access doors on walls, ceilings, or floors within the building.

But when it comes to accessing the roof of a building, building owners need roof hatches. They work the same way as access doors and panels but more durable and long-lasting because they’re exposed to outside elements regularly. If your building doesn’t have a roof hatch yet, you should know that it can provide several benefits.

Safe Roof and Easy Roof Access

The main cause you need to install a roof hatch is to ensure safe access to your commercial building’s roof at all times. There are many instances when maintenance personnel would prop a ladder to the building’s side, which is dangerous because they could potentially fall and get severely injured. The injured person can even potentially sue the building owner because it’s their responsibility to create a safe building for everyone, even for workers.

If your building’s roof gets accessed frequently, you shouldn’t think twice about installing a roof hatch. It saves valuable time and energy that maintenance personnel can instead use to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. You also have the option to provide more safety features like installing safety rails to prevent anyone from falling over once they step out of the roof hatch.

Provide Better Lighting

Besides giving technicians and workers easy access, you can also find roof hatches that can provide adequate lighting in your building. Usually, industrial buildings and factories utilize roof hatches with a skylight because it significantly reduces their energy bills, ensuring they save more expenses for their company.

Achieve Better Weather Insulation

The best way to improve your commercial building’s insulation is by installing roof hatches as well. In some cases, the weather might become too cold or hot, and you need to keep your building’s interior temperature balanced. Installing an insulated roof hatch can prevent both hot or cold weather from penetrating your building, ensuring everyone stays comfortable even while working during extreme weather conditions.

Even rain can’t penetrate the roof hatch because it has a gasket installed that prevents moisture from penetrating. You can rely on your roof hatch when it comes to providing efficient weather insulation.

Secure Your Building

Some building owners avoid installing roof hatches because they think it can’t provide enough security from criminals trying to enter. That’s where they’re wrong because most roof hatches, especially ones bought from Best Roof Hatches, are made of high-quality, durable materials that no person can easily damage.

They can damage the roof hatch using a saw or drill to cut it and alarm any security personnel around the vicinity. You even have options to choose the thickness of your roof hatch’s door to add more layers of protection. A good tip when choosing the material is to look for an aluminum roof hatch because it can provide both security and durability from extreme weather conditions.

Added Fire-Safety Measure

When a fire happens within the building, there’s a chance that smoke could come out of the fire. The smoke will slowly thicken, and that can cause people to suffocate and even block their vision looking for a fire escape. Most industrial buildings and factories would install roof hatches to use them as an escape path for the smoke. Opening the windows will not work as it will only spread throughout the building. You need to know that smoke in an enclosed space will always move upwards.

If you still don’t have roof hatches and plan to purchase one, don’t forget to get them from reliable suppliers like Best Roof Hatches. Contact us at 1-800-431-8651 if you need to order one today!

Photo by 贝莉儿 DANIST on Unsplash


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