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Commercial building: Choosing Materials To Resist Extreme Weather

Usually, buying property isn’t the best choice to turn it into a commercial building. The best choice nowadays is to construct one because you can do anything you want with the building, like turning it into a business establishment. But before you begin with the construction, you need to plan everything out with your construction company. Proper construction planning will always lead to the desired results. You should know that choosing the perfect construction material is one of the many elements in construction.

There are times when clients would have problems with choosing the right construction material because they don’t know much about it. Usually, the problems would involve the material giving into extreme weather conditions. You can find several construction materials to use for your construction project that can resist harsh weather conditions.

1. Concrete Material

The first material that most commercial buildings use is concrete because it’s one of the market’s sturdiest construction materials. It’s one of the most crucial materials for constructing commercial buildings and other structures. Contractors pre-cast concrete to become water-resistant. It also doesn’t contract or expand in extreme hot or cold weather. And when you use rebar and pre-stress it to reinforce concrete, you should expect it to be extraordinarily durable.

What’s great about concrete is that any construction company can buy it without a problem, and they can buy them at affordable prices. Contractors use concrete to build a slab foundation of your commercial building, pillars, or basement walls.

2. Vinyl Material

Another construction material you shouldn’t forget for your commercial building’s construction is vinyl. Contractors use it as an excellent siding installation due to its capacity to shed large amounts of rainwater off. While vinyl is not water-resistant, it can provide superior water-resistance to other construction materials like wood.

People install vinyl in a standard interlocking horizontal wall to reduce the dampness or snow after a rainy season. You also have modern vinyl panels constructed with “weep holes” that assist in channeling off excess water to keep the siding wall dry all the time, thus increasing its sturdiness and durability. In some cases, contractors reinforce vinyl with insulation boards to keep away any stagnant moisture that refuses to dry off through the weep holes.

3. Wood Material

The following material that absorbs more water than vinyl is wood. It’s considered one of the oldest materials used for constructing buildings. The first buildings ever constructed during the mid-stone age were shelters made of sticks, then later on to large pieces of wood, until people discovered how to craft and shape wood to construct homes.

Even if it’s the oldest construction material, contractors still use it because they use it as a primary siding material. They also reinforce it with metal or concrete to make it durable and more robust. People use wood to accentuate details within a commercial building to achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

One disadvantage with wood is it can decay fast when exposed to excessive water for a long time. It can also withstand average moisture for a decade, especially when there’s the sun to dry it up, but it will decay in time. However, what’s great about using wood as a construction material is you can form it in any way you want and paint it.

4. Fire-Resistant Material

You should know that commercial buildings need fire-resistant materials, especially when the building has highly-flammable things. You will also need to utilize fire-resistant materials because you need to adhere to fire-safety rules and regulations to prevent acquiring hefty fines. You can even find steel – weather resistant materials that are also fire-resistant to get the best of both worlds.

Suppose you situate your commercial building near places like forests. In that case, you must use fire-resistant construction materials. Forest fires might suddenly happen within your area, which can cause significant damage to its surroundings. But when you install exterior fire-resistant materials, it can save your building from getting engulfed in flames.

Since you now know about several construction materials that can withstand extreme weather, never forget to include them during the planning phase for your commercial building’s construction. If you need assistance acquiring high-quality construction materials like fire-rated access doors, choose Access Doors and Panels now! Call us at 1-800-609-2917 for more details about the product.


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