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Styles of Homes in the Clermont Area for Best Real Estate Investments

There are many types of homes in Florida, with many of these types showing up in Clermont. These homes will fit any type of family and there is a good style for every family.

These homes are mostly found in towns throughout the south, especially the southwest and the southeast. You can have an agent from Family Florida Realty help you to find the style of home that is best for you. They have been helping families for years to find the right homes for their family. Listed below are some styles of home that you may see in the Clermont area.

Spanish Style

            When you think of a Spanish style home, you probably think of white walls and red roof tiles. These are common features of the Spanish style home; they are inviting features that can make you feel right at home. There are different names for Spanish style homes, including Mission style, Moorish, and Monterey to name a few.

            These types of homes usually have red tile roofs that are usually made from terra cotta, cement or slate and are extremely long-lasting. They have stucco walls and wood support beams that are from the early homes that were made from adobe and need the wood beams for structure support. They are usually for decorations today.

            There are usually lots of curves and arches in Spanish style homes, highlighting the spaces of the homes. There are also simple, clean decorations that are common in this style of home, making the home look clean and bright all the time.

Mediterranean Style

            The Mediterranean style of home is usually a two-story home that features a luxurious style that is great for families. These homes are a reminder of homes built by the coasts in Europe, and that style feels like it belongs in Florida. Some of the Mediterranean style features are reminiscent of the Spanish style home, but this style has its own unique features.

            Some of the features that you will see in a Mediterranean style home are white brick or stucco that have no color. You will have low-pitched roofs that are usually red or brown, and you may see multiple balconies surrounding the home. Wrought iron and metal work are also unique features of this type of home.

Coastal Contemporary

            Coastal contemporary homes do not have to be on the coast, their style just makes you feel that you are waterfront. They give off a vacation vibe and living there you will always feel as if you are on a permanent vacation. You will not usually see a nautical theme to these homes, there is a more subtle look of the beach.

            Some features you may see in the coastal contemporary home would be muted and bright colors helping you to feel calm and comfortable. You can decorate them to be modern and traditional, making it fit your individual tastes. Texture is an important part of the décor, helping you to feel as if you truly are on the beach.

Victorian Architecture

            Homes with Victorian architecture have tall, slender buildings with lots of unique and charming details around the windows, porches, and trims. They have small windows, but they have a lot of windows to let in the light from the outside. You can read more about Victorian architecture here: These types of homes are usually found in older cities, sometimes many of these homes are close together in a row.

            Victorian architecture style homes usually have steep roofs that can look like church steeples. These homes also incorporate different shapes, sometimes square and rectangular mixed with round architecture. These homes sometimes have carriage houses, that used to house horse carriages, attached to the property.

Ranch Homes

            Ranch homes are usually one-story homes that spread out over a large piece of land. The features of this type of home include single-floor space that makes it easier to get around, sliding glass doors that open up the space to the outdoors and bigger backyards.

            The ranch homes also have big garages, sometimes three or four car garages, that allow you to park your car off the street and out of sight. These homes are also asymmetrical, usually being an “L” shape or a “U” shape. These homes are comfortable and easy to take care of since they are all on one floor.

Craftsman Bungalows

            Craftsman bungalows were started during the Arts and Crafts movement and have beautiful details with a variety of materials to make them homey. There are these types of homes in Clermont, Florida to make you more comfortable. These homes have many unique features that are not a part of any of the other styles, most of which is that they have no wasted space.

            Some of the other features of the craftsman bungalow are front porches that invites neighbors to come sit a while, chimneys, and fireplaces, living rooms that are the centerpiece of the home, and many window – some of which are stained glass. They also have built in furniture such as built-in bookshelves and decks and benches.

Art Deco

            Art deco homes are usually found in the bigger cities, but they can be found anywhere, including Clermont. They are usually ultra-modern, and they are inspired by art featured in the cities. This type of architecture is usually used in offices and buildings, but many cities have design districts that feature this type of home.

            Features of an art deco building or home include smooth stucco walls that are usually white, bold decorations that resemble art, and flat roofs. You can read more about art deco homes here. They also include new materials such as metal, mirrors, glass, and neon, making the home stand out in the crowd.

There are many types of homes that you might find in Clermont, each one of which will be a great home for your family. There are types for every type of family, and you will find one that is perfect for you.


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