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6 Steps You Need to Do Before Moving Your Items to a Storage Unit

Do you plan on moving your items to a storage unit in Baton Rouge? Whether you are relocating, renovating your home, or going on vacation, you need a system to ensure that your stuff is in safe hands. However, it is important to prepare accordingly before taking any steps. Proper preparation will help you save money. It can help ensure that your items stay safe.

Take the following steps before moving your items to a storage unit.

  • Pack Properly

While boxes may be convenient, you should consider packing your items in plastic bins instead. Clear, airtight plastic bins keep your items safe and make finding things when you need them easier. You don’t need to look through numerous bags every time you visit the unit.

If you have to use boxes, make sure they are labeled clearly and appropriately. Your boxes have to be sturdy for long-term storage. If a box has multiple items, create an itemized list. For example, ‘pans, crockery, and pans’ is better than a general label saying ‘kitchen items.’

  • Learn About Storage Restrictions

Do some research to understand the restrictions of different storage facilities. Find out what you can or can’t keep in your unit. You should receive a list of restricted items when you first contact them. Do not be afraid to ask if you don’t get the list.

Most cheap storage units Baton Rouge will have restrictions on items like fertilizers, gasoline, narcotics, fireworks, and explosives. Anything that is flammable is inappropriate for storage in a unit. Other common no-nos include medicine and perishable foods.

  • Think of Your Personal Items

Some items may feel too personal to keep in a self-storage unit. Think about everything you want to put in storage and plan appropriately. Some items need to be stored well before being placed in a storage unit.

Pay attention to the amount of storage you will be getting as well. The more you have to store, the bigger your storage unit. Bigger units will cost you more than smaller ones. If something isn’t valuable, sentimental, or useful, consider selling or donating it.

  • Clean and Vacuum First

Clean and vacuum your belongings before putting them in storage. If you don’t, they will stink up your space when you finally retrieve them. Thorough cleaning first may help prevent the mildew, and musty scent.

Consider wiping down surfaces, vacuuming your cushions, and disinfecting appliances while you prepare them for storage.

  • Create an Inventory of Everything You Have

Putting your things in storage can be a chaotic time. In the midst of everything, it is easy to get things mixed up. You may end up forgetting what is stored. Create a detailed inventory of everything you will be storing. From big furniture pieces to smaller knick-knacks, you should have an idea of everything you put in storage. Keep a copy and place another one in the unit.

  • Safeguard Your Items From Outside Conditions

If you won’t be using a climate-controlled storage unit, you would be smart to take matters into your own hands. It is the surest way to ensure that your belongings aren’t damaged.

If you do not take the appropriate precaution, moisture, dust, and mildew are likely to develop. Ensure that everything is dry and that your boxes are sealed tightly to keep moisture off.

Consider using some protective spray on your leather goods and furniture. Place mattresses in special storage bags and pack clothing pieces in wardrobe boxes or garment bags.

Will you be moving soon? Putting your items in storage may be a good idea. It is also a great tip for decluttering or keeping your valuable possessions safe. Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent storage, there are many options for you in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Before moving your items to a storage unit, keep the above tips in mind. Tossing everything into a unit without careful consideration is easy. However, it could cost you a lot of money in the end.


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