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Want A Hotel-Like Experience at Home? Let These Luxury Hotel Ideas Inspire Your Pool Design

 When swimming pools were a rarity and only featured in rich homes and high-end hotels, you could get away with a barebones design – an excavated, cemented hole in the ground filled with water. Now that they’re a mainstay in modern Australian homes, you must go out of your way to make yours stand out.

A beautiful pool does more than make your friends envious. It’s a statement of your classiness, provides an unrivalled relaxing experience, and increases your home’s value.

So what are the characteristics of a luxurious pool? Recreate a spa-like experience in your home using the following luxury hotel pool design ideas.

Check Water Quality

A swimming pool can’t be comfortable and luxurious if it has dirty water. Ensure that your backyard oasis has clean water by investing in a high-quality filtration system. Also, check pool chemical levels regularly. 

A quality filtration system makes the water safe for consumption by neutralising potentially harmful chemicals. This benefits your physical well-being and the environment. 

Apply a Stunning Finish

As mentioned earlier, traditional pools had basic features – for instance, the floors had bare concrete or simple tiles. You can transform an otherwise stale swimming experience into a luxurious one by installing the finest mosaic or porcelain tiles.

These tiles are customisable – you can choose bespoke colour blends or even create a replica image on your pool’s floor using them. This is the epitome of lavishness. 

Install LED Lighting

Adding LED lights is another way of adding sumptuousness to your swimming pool. Unlike traditional halogen bulbs, LED light fixtures are easy on the eye and consume less electricity. They’re also long-lasting.

Additionally, LED lights are customisable. Most come with a remote control that allows you to change colours and intensity to match the occasion. For instance, you can use green or blue during parties or red during date nights. 

Add Spa Features

Spa-like features are often the main difference between hotel pools and the pool in your home. Although it costs a substantial amount to have these additions, they add a touch of elegance to your swimming area. 

You don’t have to transform the entire pool into a wellness area; a small section on one corner is enough. Start with inexpensive features like adding therapeutic scents. You can do this by growing plants like lavenders or lighting scented candles. Later, invest in pool heating, underwater lights, and a music system for cool, relaxing sounds. 

Add a Comfortable Seating Area

Most people over-emphasise the pool itself and overlook its surroundings. Remember that people won’t be swimming throughout. It’d be best if you had a designated area for relaxing and recuperating the energy used in the water.

A comfortable seating area is a must-have. You can make it better by adding a poolside bar or an outdoor kitchen, such that people can take a bite or enjoy their favourite drinks while relaxing. 

Install Water Features

Water features allow you to customise your swimming pool experience further. For example, a waterfall recreates swimming in a natural environment since you can hear the water as it falls. On the other hand, showerheads enable you to recreate tropical rain and misty conditions. 

Moreover, you can use water features to evoke other senses. Music induces hearing, lighting evokes vision, and pleasant scents conjure your nose. These take your swimming experience to a higher level. 

Final Words

From cascading waterfalls to bespoke pool flooring, homeowners have different ways of showcasing their creativity and making their swimming pools more luxurious. It costs more money, but the excitement you get makes up for the additional expenses. 

It isn’t an obligation to install all luxury features at once – you can do it gradually and achieve your ultimate goal. 


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