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Things to Consider as a First-Time Real Estate Investor

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If you have heard real estate success stories, you may be keen to give it a try yourself. Many people have a strong interest in real estate and follow the housing market closely. Real estate is certainly an exciting investment and gaining a healthy return on your property investment feels great. Before you know it, you may have built up a portfolio of real estate investments providing enviable returns.

People will always need somewhere to live, so residential real estate will always be in demand. Recent research shows that the United States is experiencing an ongoing housing shortage. The figures suggest that the U.S. is short 5.24 million homes. So there is a strong need for housing to fulfill this demand which provides a potentially lucrative opportunity.

It is essential to remember that there are many different ways to invest in real estate. So, before you get started on your investment journey, there is much to consider. Choosing to invest your cash in property is a significant decision. So, it is useful to take your time to weigh up your options and to plan your new investment carefully. Taking your time to plan now can help you to maximize your success and avoid costly mistakes. If you are keen to give real estate investment a try, here are some points to consider:

How Much Will You Invest?

Managing the risks associated with property investment is crucial. Risking your financial security is never a good idea, so considering how much you can safely invest is essential. There will always be a degree of financial risk when investing in real estate. But, doing all you can to mitigate these risks will help you make safer investments.

Carrying out thorough research before you commit to buying real estate is essential. By developing a solid understanding of the current market conditions, you can avoid paying more than needed for properties. Careful research will also help you to spot opportunities to pick up cheap real estate in up-and-coming neighborhoods. Selecting a property in neighborhoods on the rise and keeping them as a long-term investment can bring generous returns. Once real estate in the neighborhood peaks in price, your wise investment could prove extremely lucrative.

If you are keen on investing in real estate on a smaller scale, there are ways you can do this. One option to consider is a real estate investment trust (REIT), as this only requires a relatively small sum. As well as being a more affordable investment, REITs are relatively easy to leave if needed. So, if you are searching for a flexible approach to property investment, a REIT is worth considering.

Existing Properties or New Real Estate Development?

Investing in real estate poses many questions as there are so many options available. One crucial consideration is the type of project you want to take on. Are you hoping to buy up some land and construct properties to rent out or sell on? Or, do you want the arguably safer option of buying an existing property to rent out or renovate and re-sell? Each option is well worth considering as there are benefits to be gained from both.

If you are planning to construct properties yourself, you will need to find the best contractor for the job. Finding a reliable construction company that can complete the work to your timescale can be challenging. But, looking for recommendations and approaching a choice of contractors should help you to find the best company.

Another option to consider is launching your own construction company to complete the building projects yourself. Carrying out the works yourself enables you to have greater control over the project. If you decide to construct energy-efficient homes, there could be further benefits, as you may be able to claim a tax credit. Contractors building energy-efficient homes may be eligible to secure an energy efficient home credit, providing they meet the necessary criteria. Constructing energy-efficient homes is an excellent way to take a forward-thinking approach to real estate investment. By constructing energy-efficient homes or retrofitting existing properties, your investments can help meet the demand for green housing.

Residential or Commercial Real Estate?

Are you keen to invest in residential real estate, commercial buildings, or a combination of both? Understanding the type of properties you hope to buy is essential before you begin your real estate search. Before you start hunting for properties, you need to be clear about which option best suits your needs. It is also crucial to consider the way you like to invest. There is a significant difference between commercial and residential property investments, so deciding which is right for you is helpful.

Commercial and residential real estate investments each have their pros and cons. Residential properties can be excellent for long-term investments, but bad tenants can cause difficulties. Commercial buildings can generate a higher rental income, but with more people working from home, they may be less in demand. Assessing the risks of each and deciding which option best matches your plans for real estate investment will help you make the right choice.

Long Term or Short Term Investment?

Are you using property investment to make a quick buck, or do you plan to build a real estate portfolio? There is no right or wrong answer, but your choice will influence the types of property you purchase. If you are hoping to make money more quickly, flipping properties could be best for you. Taking a house that needs remodeling and transforming it into the best home on the street can yield large profits. Flipping properties can provide a fast turnaround, but only if there are buyers willing to pay the right price. If you cannot get the right price for the property, you could be stuck with it for longer than planned. Being prepared for this possibility and having a backup plan is a wise idea to prevent your finances from taking a hit.

If you are into real estate investment for the long term, renting could be the right choice. Owning a range of properties that you rent out to tenants provides you with a healthy extra income. When real estate prices start to rise, you may choose to sell the properties on and reap the rewards. This provides a healthy income through years of rental and a decent lump sum due to the property’s increased value.

Passive Income or Active Investor?

Are you hoping to make real estate investment your new career? Deciding how involved you plan to get in your new investment is crucial. If you plan to make real estate investment your primary occupation, you will likely want to handle the entire process. With this approach, you may choose to take charge of renovations and subsequently manage the property as a rental. But, if you hope to generate a passive income through property investment, you will need a little extra support. When renting your property, you may want to appoint a property management company to help. The management company should take care of selecting tenants, collecting rent payments, and maintaining the property. You won’t generate as much profit using a management company; but, you gain the reassurance that someone is looking after your property. Which option you choose is a personal decision based on your circumstances. But, many people make a lucrative income from property investment with either of these options. However, thinking about which one best suits your lifestyle and investment ambitions is an important consideration to maximize your returns.


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