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How you can position the garden furniture

While choosing and utilizing garden furniture can be simple, there are still some people who find it hard to get the right position for it. This is especially true when there is limited space in your garden.

Remember that the position of the garden furniture can determine the functionality and appearance of the entire garden. Therefore, it’s important to find the proper positioning of your garden furniture. This article discusses how you can position the garden furniture.

The garden space

It’s a good idea to set the garden furniture from the garden furniture centre on an even and flat surface. The good thing is that most grass is ideal for many types of garden furniture. However, you should remember that garden furniture can sometimes damage your lawn.

When there is not enough sunlight, grass can start getting thin and develop bald spots. Likewise, restricting moisture can cause the grass to turn to yellow. You can still place garden furniture on grass, but you have to move around regularly so that you should not damage the lawn.

When it comes to artificial grass, it’s different. You don’t need to worry about fading or bald spots. This is because artificial grass can withstand the weight of your garden furniture, and it can bounce back after using your garden furniture. But you need to make sure that the garden furniture doesn’t have sharp edges that can damage the grass.

It’s worth noting that you should avoid placing your garden furniture on gravel. This is because the stones can scratch the material of the furniture. Also, the uneven surface can make sitting and dining uncomfortable.

The best position for the garden furniture

Unlike outdoor sofas, dining tables, and chairs, garden benches can be a feature piece, or you can decide to position it far away from your home close to any decorated area that has plants and vegetables. Garden benches tend to be quite small and you can move them around easily, though there are a couple of things you need to know before you decide to place them in your garden.

You can place garden benches on a flat surface to make sure that they are stable and safe. It’s not a good idea to place the garden bench on stones or gravel because this can make it lose balance.

When it comes to placing wooden garden benches on grass, the moisture from rain may sometimes weaken the wood in the long run. Therefore, you should keep away hardwood garden furniture from grass, especially in colder months.

With plastic garden furniture, it’s usually lightweight, meaning it’s easy to move around the furniture. There are no strict rules for placing plastic garden furniture, but it makes sense to put it in a sheltered place.

On the other hand, metal garden furniture except for those made of aluminum can be put in dry areas. While it can seem good to put the metal garden furniture on grass, grass that absorbs moisture and water may lead to rusting of the furniture’s legs. Therefore, you should position metal garden furniture on your patio.


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