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Are Manufactured Homes Safe in Florida?

When you’re looking for cost-effective housing, the option of manufactured homes is a valuable one. These are an excellent investment for homeowners. But there are still some concerns regarding the safety of manufactured homes in Florida.

What are Manufactured Homes?

Manufactured homes are somewhat permanent structures. But they aren’t made on the site itself. Instead, their parts are manufactured in a factory, and then, brought to the site where it’s meant to be. They are then put together to create a permanent structure just like a site-built house. On the whole, manufactured housing is usually more cost-effective than traditional site-built homes. They are also easy to sell off when you want to move on to something else.

Are Manufactured Homes Safe in General?

Manufactured homes in Florida or anywhere else can be quite safe even when the weather is harsh. The people behind their design have the occupants’ safety in mind.

Moreover, we can rest assured that manufactured homes are safe since their construction has to adhere to the HUD (U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development) federal building standards. With these standards, we get a guarantee of high quality and safety in the design, construction, installation, and other aspects of manufactured housing. The guidelines don’t allow manufacturers to put up any homes on the market if they aren’t up to the mark.

Are Manufactured Homes Enough to Combat Florida’s Weather?

For the most part, Florida’s weather doesn’t present much of a problem. It’s usually balmy, warm, and pleasant all year round. However, we have to remember that its climate is a subtropical one and can also bring some harsh hurricanes and storms. So, is manufactured housing safe in Florida despite these specific threats?

The answer to this will depend on the severity of the weather element in question. If the hurricane, flood, or storm is a massive natural disaster, even site-built homes are not safe. However, manufactured housing has a construction that can withstand strong winds even if they’re from a hurricane. The HUD Code makes it mandatory for the exterior of a manufactured home to stand up against the highest level of wind strength expected in their local wind zone. This will vary according to the exact location. But Florida mostly consists of Wind Zone 2 or Wind Zone 3.

For manufactured houses within Wind Zone 2, the exterior needs to withstand a force of 39 pounds for each square foot. It should also be able to withstand sustained winds of around 100 mph.

For those within Wind Zone 3, the exterior should stand up against 47 pounds of force per square foot and sustained winds around 110 mph. If the exterior is according to standards in these zones, it will protect the occupants against a Category 2 hurricane or anything else.

Getting Informed

Once you find a decent dealer for manufactured housing, you should also be aware of the uncontrollable factors that could interfere with the safety of your home. This includes hurricanes and storms. However, this should not always be the case. Ask around and gather information accordingly.

Certain areas of Florida are more prone to natural disasters than others. That’s why you could also get a better deal on housing in case you select a high-risk zone.

The Takeaway

When you purchase a manufactured home in Florida, there are a lot of assurances about the safety of its construction. However, there are steps that a homeowner should also take to protect their valuable assets. In addition to proper precautions and preparation, ensure that you also have a backup plan in case of any losses.

Look up manufactured homes in Florida today; they’re affordable, convenient, and a great investment all around!


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