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Three Tips for Creating Residential Landscape Architecture

Are you looking to invest in residential landscape architecture? Before you talk to landscape architecture firms, you should first answer, “what is landscape architecture?”

It involves designing environments to achieve aesthetic, environmental, and social-behavioral targets. Interestingly, Americans still value their lawns and green spaces.

Residential landscape architecture allows you to boost your lawn and outdoor spaces. Read on as we discuss three tips to help with your landscape architecture design.

1. Establish Focal Points

The first landscape architecture tip to consider is establishing your focal points. These are specific areas that catch people’s attention. Effective focal points direct visual attention and create a surprising or moving experience.

Specimen trees or statues are common focal points. Be more creative by picking something that differs from the rest of your landscape. It can be a difference in color, form, or texture.

Make an item stand out without breaking away from the landscape’s overall theme. Create a flow using repeated shapes and colors.

2. Decide on a Theme

Pick a theme for your home’s landscape. It will guide you in choosing the types of materials and plants to use. Examine your home’s architecture and complement its styles and lines.

Decide if you want softer lines or geometric shapes. Identify the colors you want to see on your lawn.

The great thing about landscape architecture is flexibility. You can find the perfect elements that will fit your theme. It also doesn’t limit the space you can transform.

Larger communities like Metropica invest in landscape architecture for their lush parks. Talk to different landscape architecture firms and find one that can execute your ideas to perfection.

3. Plants Matter

Last but not least, pay extra attention to your choice of plants. Landscape plants play a role in boosting a home’s perceived value. When crafting the architecture landscape plan, determine how you want the plants to function in the landscape.

You can use them to define areas within the landscape. Bigger plants can serve as physical barriers to increase your home’s privacy.

Plants can also improve site conditions. Planting trees will add shade against sunlight and keep your lawn cooler.

Adding flowers and fresh fruits and vegetables contributes to the beautiful scenery and natural aroma.

Tips for Choosing a Landscape Architecture Firm

How do you pick the right people to help with your landscaping? Ask for referrals from friends and neighbors. Ask about their experience with their landscape designer and if they’re happy with the project’s outcome.

Talk to at least three firms and ask about their experience. Find a company that’s been in the business for several years. Look at their previous projects and see if you like the execution.

If the company refuses to show its portfolio, consider it a red flag. Lastly, request a site visit to an ongoing project. It gives you a better look at its professionalism and work ethic.

Improve Your Home Aesthetics Now

Residential landscape architecture increases your home’s aesthetic value. You can boost its appeal and make it easier to market in the future.

However, it can only happen when working with a reputable landscape architecture firm. Consider asking around for recommendations.

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