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Writing Descriptions That Sell: How to Write an Awesome Real Estate Listing

85% of buyers value detailed descriptions in their search for the perfect home. This makes it essential to attract and impress buyers with a creative description.

It’s a way to showcase the unique selling points of the home. You’re also making it more appealing to interested buyers, enticing them to tour the home.

So what does it take to write a description that sells? Read on to learn how to draft the perfect real estate listing.

Think About Your Audience

Nailing down the characteristics of your target audience is an important step in the writing process. Any house for sale will have certain demographics that it appeals to.

Are you writing a description geared toward the luxury market? Or investors who flip homes? Or a first-time buyer looking for their forever home?

Deciding these details will help you target your description. This way you can reach ideal buyers for the type of home you’re looking to sell.

Certain neighborhood characteristics appeal to different types of buyers. This can be new trendy neighborhoods with lively downtown areas. Tons of nearby shops, coffeehouses, bars, and restaurants also appeal to younger buyers.

Family-focused neighborhoods are also a hot button for certain buyers. So you want to be sure to mention if the home’s location is in a top school system.

Walkability tops the list of most important neighborhood features for buyers. So be sure to mention parks, water access, and hiking trails within walking distance.

You want to appeal to your audience from an emotional perspective. Adjectives are important for this but don’t overuse them too much. Doing so can come off too sales-forward and unrealistic.

Select the Best Selling Points

Searching homes for sale near me pull up countless properties with similar descriptions. As the buyer filters through these, you want your listing to stand out.

You only have so much word space to get your point across. So, pick the best possible selling points to include in your description.

Don’t bore the reader with details that are not needed. This helps to not lose the attention of the reader and keep them interested in learning more.

Consider what makes the home unique and appeals to an interested buyer. Highlight the character of the home, such as any special features or new renovations.

You don’t need to waste space repeating information already included in the listing. This includes details like square footage and the number of beds and baths.

The style of the home can be a selling point. Buyers tend to flock toward trending styles like the modern farmhouse. Others value the unique character and charm of a craftsman style.

Go for an Experiential Writing Style

It also helps to think about experiential marketing tactics. This means selling the experience that the home offers using descriptive words.

This can be mentioning backyard entertaining with the home’s outdoor living spaces. Or describe the home’s state-of-the-art landscaping and garden designs. The idea is to make the reader envision themselves in the home.

The beauty of a neighborhood’s tree-lined streets can also attract buyers. Mentioning lot size can also be important in areas known for having homes with smaller yards.

The purpose is to draw the reader in to make a call to action to see the home. It’s great to also include a few value-added buzzwords for buyers.

This can brand name upgrades and luxury features. Swimming pools, fireplaces, and updated kitchens always catch attention. As do new windows, hand-scraped hardwood flooring, and waterfront property.

Be Honest

This tip is important in all aspects of the home buying and selling process. When people search for realtors near me they want to find someone they can trust.

This same level of honesty should still follow suit when writing descriptions. You don’t want to mislead the reader or exaggerate certain details. Be realistic, as not to waste anyone’s time on a property that does not fit the category of home they are looking for.

Buyers look to agents as a source of information. Being dishonest will only attract the wrong buyer.

All details within the descriptions should be correct to the best of your knowledge. This includes the size and condition of the home. You don’t want to describe a fixer-upper as being in prime condition.

You can instead put a positive spin on a home’s setback. Try to help the buyer to see it’s potential.

Pick the Perfect Picture

Any property for sale should get listed with an amazing photograph alongside its description. This photo should be sure to highlight some of the main points of your description. A professional photographer makes all the difference in capturing an eye-catching image.

They also have an eye for shooting at the perfect angle and catching important details. A photographer can make a space in the home seem larger and brighter. They can also enhance the lighting and use editing software.

Alternatively, you can find real estate photo editing services and ask professional retouchers to improve your images so that they look attention-grabbing. This is why professional images get 65% more views on the internet. This means more buyers contacting you to tour the property.

Proofread Your Final Draft

It sounds like a no-brainer, but mistakes can happen in the busy world of real estate. So, be sure to double-check grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Your sentence structure should also flow and be easy to read.

You also want to make sure all the listing information is correct. A short and catchy headline and call to action are also key elements.

Pay attention to details like capitalizing any headlines and titles correctly. You can use online tools like Grammarly and Capitalize My Title for help.

If working with a realtor team, like this site, you want to make sure everyone agrees on the real estate listing. All agents should approve the description for agreement on details and writing style.

Getting Homes Sold with the Right Real Estate Listing

The power of the written word has a big impact on your real estate listing. Remember to target your description to the right audience. Use descriptive and experiential selling points to appeal to them.

The above tips will help you to craft the perfect description to attract tons of buyers. Looking for more ways to stay ahead of the competition and sell homes faster? Check out the latest from our blog.


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