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Tips to Maximize Your Net Proceeds From Selling Your House

With people moving out of cities due to recent events and setting their properties on the market, it is undoubtedly hard to sell your house. Looking for clients and getting the most of your profits is nothing short of a miracle in today’s standards.

Fortunately, there are workarounds to manage your finances, lessen the expected losses, and maximize the net proceeds in selling your home. From staging techniques into marketing guidance, follow these points to gain a hefty profit in selling your assets.

Painting a Clearer Picture and Reading the Weather

One of the worst things you can do as a house seller is to put it on the market, place a high price, and hope for the best. Or,  selling it at the lowest price possible just to get it off your responsibility. The reality is, both of these scenarios always turn unfavorable in the end and may cost you more than what you have gained.

Research and preparedness come a long way in setting your expectations and gaining insight into your potential cuts and losses. It would be best to examine when is the best time to sell your house and set realistic numbers on potential gains and losses.

These can be achieved by hiring a real estate agent, which is extremely helpful for inexperienced sellers. Using a home selling calculator for mathematics and finances can help a long way.

Proper Staging

First impressions significantly impact getting a sale, and a good impression can be made through home staging. You could either do this on your own by cleaning up your home and repainting walls or get it done by professionals. Although this may require you to shed more cash on your wallet, getting your home nice and attractive is never a bad investment.

Knowing Your Demographic

Different houses, different locations, different sellers- three things you should adequately understand as people have different reasons for buying houses. One of your goals is for you to meet their needs as much as possible.

A good example is this: for an excellent single-family property, your target buyers are those people who are looking for a comfortable move-in home, so it makes sense to invest more in your repairs and make them ready for occupancy once sold.

On the flip side, if your property is under major maintenance, your best bet is to get in touch with corporate agents looking to buy properties regardless of condition.

Clear Up your Financial Disputes

When you thought you could have all the profits on your own, credit debts and deductions could be a real party-pooper when it comes to deducting your profits. It is advisable to clear up your debts before selling your home to increase your potential cut. Not to mention, the better your credit score, the more cost-friendly your next mortgage will be. Always be on the lookout for credit disputes as they will weigh you down when it comes to deductions.

However, if you can’t make these hassles go away before selling your property, better to add them to your losses and set expectations.

Double Check the Tax Rules for House Profits

In 1997, a country-wide tax law enabled home-sellers to be excluded from taxation. The maximum amount on which you could be exempted varies from state to state and your primary estate profits. Be updated on these laws as they are the ones you’d expect to show up when it comes to deductions. Basing your decisions on outdated rules might lead to you to lose profit.

Remember, part of maximizing your net proceeds is to anticipate and lessen your deductions as much as possible. Taking time to do these things is helpful in the long run.

Proper Negotiation

Regardless if you have a real estate agent or not, there will be moments when you need to step up to the negotiation process. Although it’s uncommon for those who have their agent running the works, this point is crucial for those who want to sell in their way.

First of all, negotiations are not to force nor convince your client to buy the house. They are a professional exchange of ideas looking for a situation that could benefit both parties. This could come in the form of adjusting sale prices, term payments, etc. Besides, you already got their attention, now’s the time to meet halfway and create a proper sale.

The best possible situation you could create is the one that leaves both sides happy and content.


The essential thing to do in selling your home is preparedness for the technicalities and understanding your potential clients’ needs. Your net proceeds result from careful planning and following expert advice that would ultimately help you gain the most profit despite the rather harsh competition of the housing industry.


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