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Top Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

In the past, people used to hide kitchens in the back because they considered them places for washing dirty dishes and cooking food. However, kitchens play a bigger role than that in 2018. The kitchen is a room that brings the whole family together at the start of the day or after a long day away from each other.

With advice from kitchen experts like the one who do full kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles for instance, here are the top trends in remodeling:

Streamlined Textures, Designs, and Materials

Although styles such as mid-century modern and farmhouse are still popular, people are opting for textures, designs, and materials that are more streamlined. Because homeowners like to come home to stress-free environments, they want simplicity to drown out the daily stresses of life.

You can make your kitchen look brighter and bigger by uninstalling the upper wall cabinets. Doing so allows you to use your countertop in a more productive manner. Moreover, most people are not able to reach the top cabinets, making them inconvenient.

When streamlining your kitchen, you should consider texture and material to make your space less boring. For instance, if you are installing open shelves, you can opt for materials such as metal tubing if you want an industrial feel or rough wood for a natural look. To create the perfect focal point, you should consider stacked, beveled, or sculpted natural stone tiles.

Smart Kitchen

Kitchen technology has come a long way – not just in the form of appliances and fancy gadgets. Nowadays, you can integrate technology into every aspect of the kitchen: from the lighting to the faucets. You can build a smart kitchen from the ground up or just integrate smart devices into your apartment for a smart look.

You can install motion-sensing faucets that will detect the presence of hands beneath and turn on automatically. You can also buy a smart fridge that will alert you when you are running low on groceries. There is a gadget that will monitor your eggs and let you know the ones that are almost going bad. Do not forget to update your lights if you want to be able to control them from your tablet or smartphone.

Hardwood Floors and Ceramic Tiles

Hardwood floors are still the most popular choice for kitchens. However, ceramic tiles are the second most popular choice for kitchens. Thanks to the advancement in technology, ceramic tiles now come in a variety of sizes and styles.

If you prefer hardwood floors, you can buy ceramic tiles that look just like hardwood flooring. This allows you to keep the hardwood look with a material that is easier to clean and maintain. You can also choose ceramic tiles that mimic stone depending on the look that you want. The surface texture of ceramic tiles can also mimic most flooring materials.

When it comes to size, you do not have to choose traditional sizes. You also have more choices thanks to the wide variety of large format tiles. For instance, you can opt for single plank tiles that will look just like hardwood floor planks.

White, Gray, and Dark-colored Cabinets

Although white is the clear frontrunner when it comes to cabinet colors, gray and dark are not far behind. People prefer the color white because it has a clean look that declutters any space. To break up the all-white cabinet look, you can choose wood stains and different colors for your island.

Gray is a great color for cabinets because it offers versatility. It also pairs well with natural elements as well as glamour accents. Emerald green, navy, black, and plum colors are slowly making their way into the kitchen. Dark kitchen cabinets can work well to enhance the luxurious feel of a kitchen because they represent full-on elegance.

Quartz is King

Quartz is still king when it comes to countertops. Whether you live in your own home or apartments such as The Urban Avenue, chances are that you have quartz countertops. When this material first came into the market, the main worry was lack of variety. However, thanks to technology, manufacturers are now making realistic stone patterns and offering more colors.

People are opting for neutral and softer colors such as cream, white, taupe, and gray. When it comes to pattern preferences, homeowners prefer veining to particulates.

Veining goes well with the clean, simple look that most homeowners like.

Composite sinks are also quite popular because they share the same material with the countertop. Such sinks allow for a uniform look that is much cleaner.


The biggest trend for 2018 is gray-colored appliances that come with a dark-brushed metal finish. Because stainless steel appliances have been dominating the market for a while, this different finish is a welcome change. You can also opt for different colors such as red and blue when choosing appliances.

Homeowners are more willing than ever to experiment with different tones in the kitchen. The must-have kitchen appliances are also changing with most people opting for induction stoves and separate wall ovens to save space. However, this trend can be more expensive compared to the typical standalone cooker that takes up more space.

In the oven world, there are some changes happening too. More homeowners are opting for steam ovens, which cook faster and retain the flavor of food better than normal ovens. Do you have space limitations? You can opt for French Door wall ovens that allow you to save on space, come with Bluetooth, and add style to your kitchen.

Bluetooth can help you to control the functions of your oven remotely from your tablet or smartphone.


These are the latest trends in kitchen remodeling. The above ideas will help you to combine aesthetics and functionality in your kitchen for the ultimate space. If you do not know where to begin with these renovations, you should start with the cheapest and simplest ones first. Once you do that, you will know the next step to take to make your kitchen look better than ever.


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