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Use These Bathroom Remodeling Tips To Prep For The Sale Of Your House: Here’s Why

36% of homeowners report that the significant result from remodeling is better livability and functionality. 17% report aesthetics and beauty, and 17% report long-lasting and durable materials. In this wild new economy, it is very important to think through all financial decisions like renovations with a great deal of prudence.

Your bathroom is a vital space in your home that can yield a higher return on investment if you’ve recently renovated. Buyers are always on the lookout for a beautiful and fresh smelling bathroom that reminds them of soothing spas or luxury hotels they’ve enjoyed. Most importantly, they want to envision themselves enjoying such luxury in their new home.

Most homeowners don’t have a perfect bathroom, but this doesn’t mean that they’ve got to do costly renovations to sell their home.

Want to sell your home fast? Take these bathroom remodeling tips into consideration. Updating your bathroom is a surefire way to help your house sell.

Use Space Efficiently

A bathroom storage space is an integral part of any bathroom remodel. project Buyers want to see that you have enough room for extra toilet paper, bathroom appliances, or toiletries. If you’ve got a small bathroom, you can install a sink in the corner. Ensure that you also make room for more countertop space by getting rid of an extra vanity sink.

Maximize your vertical storage and save floor space by fitting the tall storage cabinets to the wall. Ideally, the interior depth should be three inches, and the door has to flush with the wall. This way, your small bathroom space will feel less crowded.

Make Minor Upgrades

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a complete renovation while you can make small, inexpensive upgrades with a more significant impact. Some of the things that are worth an upgrade include updating towel bars, installing new light fittings, and replacing worn and leaking taps. Ross from The Solar Advantage says: Putting projects in priority based on value/cost will help you stay confident during renovations, eliminating stress is a huge win

Take note that in some bathrooms, it’s worth changing the tiles. Opting for large white tiles makes your bathroom feel more contemporary and spacious. If you’re aiming for buyers who’re expecting a higher level of bathroom luxury, consider replacing cabinetry, shower screens, and countertops.

Consider Lifestyle When Choosing Your Materials

If you’re changing your floor tiles, stone and marble are excellent water-resistant choices for your bathroom. If it’s a high humidity area or bathroom for young children, ceramic is a perfect option. You can also add a real luxury attraction by incorporating radiant heat floor mats on your bathroom flooring.

Beautify With Accessories

Once you clear your bathroom products, you should add a few accessories to add a layer of luxury, elegance, and warmth. You can create a spa-like experience by using accessories (like towels, toilet brush holders, and so on) in soft and tranquil colors. Don’t forget to include natural loofah and candles, bath oils, and fragrance soaps.

Do your research, finding up-to-date design trends can help determine what you could do for your remodeling. Design trends will help make your planning easier.

You should display these products as groupings rather than scattering them. To keep everything simple, use a wooden tray as a base and group the items in odd numbers. Try to vary the height of jars and candles. You can even create a private hotel suite by adding an ottoman or a stool.

Settle For a Functional Tub

Understand that a bigger tub isn’t always better. If a tub is too large, it can make your bathroom feel crowded. If you’re thinking about replacing your tub, 60 inches is perfect for most people. However, you still have to access the neck support, lip for comfort, and angled back.

If it’s a tab for two people, it should have a tap in the middle and slant at either end. If you’ve got a large bathroom, a stand-alone tub brings out elegance.

Design a Stylish and Functional Lighting

Your lighting has to speak to your design concept. You can incorporate different layers of light; decorative pendants/ flush mounts, sconces, and recessed. For the case of buyers who aren’t a fan of bright light, consider installing dimmers and adjust where you see fit.

Have the Right Insulation

When remodeling your bathroom, don’t overlook the importance of installing a ventilation system. If not fitted correctly, it can contribute to problems such as a build-up of mildew and mold. Your ventilation system should be near the shower or tub, but not next to the heating/conditioning vent.

This is because forced air tends to create currents that may disrupt the bathroom fans’ steady intake of humid air. For your bathroom to have the right ventilation, your exhaust fan should vent outside not into another area of the house or the attic. If you want to learn more about bathroom ventilation to incorporate in your next remodel, you should check out this guide.

Build an Open Shower Area

You should consider building a shower that’s separate from the tub. Go for those with less confining and more open-concept than a standard shower stall. Shower seats are becoming a popular concept and come in handy when you’re injured or even shaving.

Hand showers are also a great option as they are cost-effective, convenient, and an upgrade compared to the traditional shower head. Consider keeping a shower/tub combo in the bathroom for young kids. You can also utilize a whimsical/fun shower curtain for ease of helping the younger children bath.

Bonus Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Better Sale

A beautifully designed bathroom can easily attract potential buyers. One of the bathroom remodeling tips that’s eye-catching is a minimalistic design. This means that you’ve to fit tall cabinets on the wall if you’ve got a small bathroom.

Small updates that can easily be overlooked can have a huge impact on the overall bathroom remodel. This can include installing towel bars or replacing leaking taps.

Buyers who are looking to buy a house always have a desire for elegance and style. You can always style up your bathroom with different accessories like bath oil or fragrance soaps.

You don’t want a new homeowner to use your bathroom for a few months and end up complaining about mold build-up. Ensure that you have got a properly fitted ventilation system that’s away from the heating vent.

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