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Winter Home Maintenance Checks You Can’t Afford to Miss

Home improvements and repairs can be costly. During the winter months, most of us are keen to avoid any extra expense as we struggle with a rise in heating bills, and the costs of the holidays, and so, we often put home repairs and upgrades off until the New Year, or even later, when we’ve got more money to spare. This can be a mistake.

Leaving your home in poor condition can mean that things get worse. Harsh weather conditions can mean that minor problems become more serious and so more expensive very quickly. Failing to make repairs can also mean that your home is cold and uncomfortable and that you are putting your family at unnecessary risk. Here’s a look at three of the areas of your home that you should check and repair or upgrade if necessary before the weather gets worse and the risks grow.

The Roof

One of the biggest problems when it comes to our roofs is that it’s hard to spot warning signs that something is wrong until it’s too late, as we can’t see most of them, and very rarely get up close. Often, the first signs of problems with the roof are that it’s colder than usual, there’s a leak in our homes, or we can see shingles falling off.

A damaged roof in the winter can be dangerous, and with inclement weather conditions, it’s very easy for a small problem to become significantly worse, and far more expensive. It’s a good idea to check your roof or to get someone to do it for you before the weather deteriorates.

If there is a problem, get in touch with Mid Florida Roofing, an Orlando Roofing Company that might be able to help. Mid Florida Roofing can check your roof, and make any repairs needed while recommending the best materials for your home, getting superior roofing services is really important to make sure the roof is repaired and checked properly to prevent future issues.


Cleaning the guttering is such a small job. But, it’s one that few of us take the time to do regularly. After fall, there’s a fair chance that your gutters are clogged up with leaves and debris. This can mean that they can’t handle heavy rainfall in winter and that they overflow. This overflowing water then seeps into the brickwork of your home. In freezing conditions, this water can expand, leading to costly damage to your house. Clean your gutters regularly, or find a window cleaner that will do it for you.


If you have any issues with your boiler, it’s always best to get them seen to as soon as possible, before the problem gets worse and leaves you without heating or hot water at the coldest time of the year. Even strange noises and flashing lights should be checked straight away, and if you haven’t had a service for a year, it’s a good time to book one in.

Your boiler, guttering, and roof can be checked relatively easily, and minor repairs, cleaning, and servicing are quick, easy, and usually fairly cheap. Leave them too long and you’ll be cold and out of pocket.

Photo by Sam Beasley on Unsplash


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