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5 Critical Strategies for Prepping Your Home to Sell

Preparing to sell your home can be an overwhelming task. The emotional attachments mixed with the excitement of moving on to a new home can make prepping your house for sale a stressful experience. The most important aspect of selling your home is creating a look that will grab the attention of interested buyers.

Whether you are selling your own home or a commercial property, the goal is to make a quick sale. It takes more than just luck to sell your house fast at the price you are asking for. You will need to start your preparations early to create an impact that will intrigue buyers.

Preparing your home for sale takes careful planning and work. You want to present your home to buyers in the most favorable light, ensuring that all aspects like repairs and staging are taken care of before you post your listing. Let’s look at a few critical strategies for prepping your home to sell.


Moving on to a new home is all about letting go. Emotional attachments to your home can be tough to break. It’s essential to change your view of your home and separate yourself from the memories contained within. Your home without you and your things is just a house. Start by clearing out each room of unnecessary items and things that you won’t be taking with you when you move. A room-by-room purge is often the easiest to organize and manage. Ridding your home of clutter can help to make a better impression on interested buyers.

Fresh Paint

Once your home is cleared of many of your things, it’s time to give it a fresh new look. Buyers want to see move-in-ready homes and don’t want to face dull or stained walls. Choose a neutral palette of colors that will be easy for any new family to adapt their color scheme. Stay away from high-gloss paints that can be overwhelming. Low-gloss or matte paints will wear the best and give your home a fresh new look.

Small Repairs

Potential home buyers will be looking at every detail of your home as they make their way through a tour. Buyers will not miss small things like loose moldings or squeaky doors. Before you list your home, you should inventory all minor repairs that need to be completed. Take it one room at a time and ensure that all repairs are complete before your home is put on the market. Buyers are less likely to make an offer on a house where there are obvious repairs to be done


When potential buyers tour your home, they want to be able to envision themselves making a home. Staging is a process that involves depersonalizing your home and presenting a space that is neutral for buyers. Take down family photos, clean up any clutter and knick-knacks and keep things simple. Less clutter in a room will showcase the space in a way that will enable buyers to imagine their furniture and belongings in the home.

An essential part of staging your home is cleaning. No one wants to enter a home that isn’t clean. Take the time to give your whole house a deep clean as part of your staging process. Clean the floors, shampoo the carpets, clean all windows and draperies, and ensure that all surfaces are dusted.

Curb Appeal

Most buyers claim that they make most of their decisions about a home based on the curb appeal of a property. You need to present a stunning view of your home to entice potential buyers to take a closer look. To improve your home’s curb appeal, you can try a few of these tips:

  • Paint your front door
  • Clean up all gardens
  • Repair any pathways
  • Have your lawn neatly cut
  • Paint your garage door
  • Add hanging plants or welcoming decor to your entry area
  • House numbers visible
  • Upgraded mailbox and front door handles
  • Add lighting to display your home in the evenings.

If you are getting ready to sell your home, you have more work in store for you than simply posting a listing. Follow these tips to help you prepare your home to attract the right buyers and make a quick sale.


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