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8 Stunning Kitchen Designs of 2021

Centuries ago, the kitchen of a house was the least important room. Oftentimes, it was hidden in the back and considered only a place for preparing meals and washing dirty dishes. Fast forward to 2021 and everything has changed. Today, the kitchen is the focal point of a home and unites everyone.

In 2021, the kitchen will be paraded as the most beautiful space with the most desirable designs. Designers are working to ensure that every square inch of space makes a statement that is both beautiful and practical. A new kitchen design also adds value to a property. If you have plans to sell your house in the future, a fresh design of this room will add to your total bottom line.

Well, if you are getting worried that you can’t afford a new kitchen, don’t worry as not all designs are expensive. You can use what you have to bring transformation to your kitchen space. For instance, adding a splash of color allows you to incorporate a unique burst of creativity and personality.

To give you a hint of what we are talking about, below are some of the latest trends in kitchen designs for 2021. They will give you all the inspiration you need to start the journey of having your dream kitchen.

  • Kitchens with a Touch of Green

Kitchen colors in 2021 are inspired by nature. There are earthy tones and biophilic color schemes. Designers are using sophisticated colorways with more matt and less shine. The color green is now considered the color of the year. Designers are using green to create a connection between nature and the home which is beneficial for the general wellness and mental health of the homeowners.

Green is now the new neutral, working for both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs to bring elegance and new energy. Designers are using a different tone of green and completing the look with bronze, brass, or copper elements to achieve a modern and timeless biophilic trend. This is working alongside fresh plants and herbs, wood flooring, and natural textiles.

  • The Working Kitchen

The pandemic brought about a new normal which is working from home. As such, there have been numerous transformations in homes to accommodate the new directive. This has seen a rise in the ‘working kitchen’ making it a more multifunctional space. You can still make your home look expensive when using rooms for multiple purposes.

Designers in 2021 are integrating seating areas, breakfast bars or island units, and full height storage solutions to make the space an all-inclusive workstation that serves as prep and cooking space, home office, and dining area.

  • Shelves

Open shelves are the current choice for modern kitchens. The shelves are taking the center stage and serving as both storage spaces and décor pieces. Homeowners are displaying decorative pieces and essential items that need to be easily accessed.

It is predicted that they will soon become the favorite space of the house harboring eye-catching appliances, colored glassware, and other decorative items. The open shelves have offered a way for homeowners to display their styling capabilities.

  • Smart Kitchen

Technology has revolutionized the entire kitchen space with new gadgets and appliances. Today technology is integrated into every kitchen function making it a smart home. In most kitchens today, the concept of a smart home is inbuilt from the start of construction all the way up. However, for the old homes, smart gadgets and appliances are being added to bring the modern smart feel.

  • Streamlined Designs

Homeowners are becoming attached to streamlined and aesthetic designs. Who doesn’t want a stress-free environment? We all want a home where we can come to and drain all the stresses of the day. As such simplicity is the end game. Achieving this perspective does not necessarily have to be boring. So it is important to consider using textured materials.

  • Beautiful Backsplashes

Backsplashes are becoming a fun part of the house and the most interesting one to decorate. Backsplashes are one part of the house that are always having new trends and design styles. For instance, people are moving away from smaller slab tiles to bigger ones with varied textures and colors. More material options are also being incorporated such as glass, stainless steel, quartz, and marble.

  • Connecting with the Outdoors

It is all about nature and the outdoors for the modern kitchens of 2021. Homeowners are connecting the kitchen with the outdoor by installing huge glass doors and windows. These glass doors and 5-6 foot wide windows are connecting the two spaces and making them one.

Other homeowners are going fully outdoors. Even though outdoor kitchens are a common concept, today they are a must-have for most homes. The pandemic has forced people to find ways that will make them practically live outside, and kitchen outdoors has been one of their best options.

  • Walk-in Pantry

Designers are all about the new pantry and are tirelessly working to ensure they are the most organized, beautiful spaces that bring peace of mind to the homeowners. Walk-in pantries are the new normal, aesthetically designed to serve as a wine cellar, storage for cooking ingredients, and a command center for a large family. The walk-in pantry is a luxury that is also serving to keep the kitchen more organized.


The lifestyle of the modern homeowner and the changing family dynamic are making the kitchen the heart of the home. Gone are the days when it used to be the smallest space hidden at the back of the house. Today, they are bigger and have ample seating space as everyone wants to be there, where the magic happens.

The new trends in kitchen designs are combining aesthetics and functionality to create the ultimate kitchen. From open shelves, walk-in pantries to beautiful backsplashes and smart kitchens homeowners have the abundance of choosing what ogres well with their personalities. We hope these 8 trends in kitchen designs were insightful and will spark a journey of your home having the dream kitchen.



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