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DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas You Should Try

It can be annoying to have something broken in one of the important spaces in your home, like the bathroom. While remodeling is an excellent way to refresh and update your home, it can be expensive and cost up to $30,000, according to reports. Fortunately, taking the DIY approach can be a cost-effective way to remodel your bathroom. However, bathroom renovations are not always easy, so you should make sure you are comfortable with a task before beginning. Here are some DIY bathroom ideas you can start with.

  • Update your walls

Your walls can set the tone, style, and vibe in every space in your home. It may be time for a new bathroom design if you notice peeling, speckled paint, discoloration, or crusty wallpaper. At this point, there are a few DIY remodeling options available, including refreshing your walls with new paint, installing some modern wallpapers, or smoothening your outdated wall texture. These are jobs you can complete with little or no DIY experience to give your bathroom a stylistic boost.

  • Maximize your mirror 

Every bathroom deserves a room. If nothing at all, you should consider having one above your sink. The mirror should be big enough to see your full head. A mirror can make your bathroom space look double its size. They are undoubtedly helpful since they can reflect more light and make even the smallest bathroom look bigger. DIY approaches for maximizing your mirror include picking a large statement mirror, installing lighting on your mirror top, and centering your mirror above your sink. Mirrors can work magic for any space, especially your bathroom, so they should be at the top of your remodeling plan.

  • Showerhead replacement 

Replacing your outdated showerhead is one of the easiest ways to turn showering into a true spa experience. Likewise, you can save yourself hundreds on plumbing expenses if you DIY. There is a showerhead for every design, taste, and budget, from dual-head showerheads to massaging, rain showerheads, and colorful led light options. Although there are more expensive alternatives, it could cost you at least $25 for a showerhead. The rest is simple – remove the old shower head, clean the area and install the new unit.

  • Install a bidet toilet seat 

The bidet toilet seat is the toilet-paper alternative that sprays your bottom with water. It is popular in Europe, although not so much in the US. With features such as adjustable water pressure, warming, and nightlights, the bidet toilet seat can cost you around $6. It doesn’t require replacing your toilet since you have to connect it to your existing pipes and electrical outlets. All you need is simple household tools such as a wrench and screwdriver.

  • Replace your cabinet hardware 

Upgrading your cabinet handles, knobs, and pulls can transform your bathroom. Interestingly, it can cost as little as $10, depending on the bathroom. Cabinet hardware comes in various styles, designs, and colors and doesn’t require any drilling since it’s a replacement job. A screwdriver can be enough to smoothly complete the project. However, when picking new handles and knobs, make sure they are the same size as the old ones so you can use the existing holes in the vanity line to fix them.

The DIY bathroom remodeling ideas list can be exhaustive. Yet, it is crucial to have the right tools and parts since you will complete the project yourself. Fortunately, businesses like Mark’s Plumbing Parts can help with high-quality parts to boost your bathroom repair and remodeling.

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